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VHS-C to DVD Converter Machine to Quickly Convert VHS-C to DVD without a Computer

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:18 am

Computer Route Not for Everybody

If you want to convert VHS-C to DVD you can do it through a computer.

That’s the most common route taken by anybody who wants to convert a VHS-C tape to DVD.

But taking that analog to digital conversion route is not for everybody, especially for those who aren’t computer savvy.

Learning Curve

First, you have to set up the video capture card, then man the software to get the capture process going.

Then the captured file has to be set up on a DVD burning software and burnt with a DVD writer.

In short, there’s going to be a learning curve if you take the computer route.

If anything goes wrong in between, there will be much hair-pulling and frustration.

For the non-computer savvy this may take days if not weeks to master the process.

VHS-C to DVD Converter Machine

For such people, who have given up converting VHS-C tape with a computer, they may be wondering if there’s a VHS-C to DVD converter machine.

Yes, there’s such a machine. Only that it is not called a machine but a VHS DVD recorder combo.

With a VHS DVD Converter machine, all you have to do is pop in a VHS tape, insert a blank disc, play the tape, and hit the record button.

No messing around with capture device, capture software, DVD burner software, and so on.

But you say, we’re talking about VHS-C and not VHS.

That’s right, but there isn’t a dedicated VHS-C player.

Unless you have a VHS-C camcorder, you can only play a VHS-C tape through a VHS player.

VHS-C to VHS Adapter

To make your VHS-C tape playable on a VHS player, you have to use a VHS-C to VHS adapter.

VHS-C to VHS adapter

Just insert your cassette into the adapter. Your VHS-C tape will now be turned into a VHS tape.

All you have to do is insert the adapter into a VHS machine and you can play the VHS-C tape.

With a VHS-C tape adapter, you’re now ready to use a VHS-C to DVD converter machine.

DVD Converter Machine Options

You have two DVD converter machine choices.

DVD Recorder

The first is a DVD recorder. If you have a VHS player or a VHS-C camcorder, you can use this option.

Just connect your VHS player to the DVD recorder and you’re good to go,

VHS-C to DVD converter machine 2

Learn more about DVD recorders.

VHS DVD Recorder Combo

A more attractive option, if you don’t have a VHS player, is to get hold of a VHS-DVD Recorder combo.

You get a VHS player and a DVD recorder on the same machine.

VHS-C to DVD converter machine

As mentioned earlier, insert a VHS-C tape into a VHS adapter and insert it into the machine. Then insert a compatible disc into the DVD recorder. Play your tape and hit the record button on the DVD recorder side.

Learn more about VCR DVD recorder combo machines.

The above are the two VHS-C to DVD converter machines available if you don’t want to use a video capture card and a computer to convert VHS-C to DVD.

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