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Best Free DVD Burning Software that Rival Their Premium Counterparts

Best Free DVD Burning Software

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:31 am

Updated 24.5.2021

It’s a little strange to be talking about DVD-burning software in this age of HD video, video streaming service and cloud storage.

DVDs aren’t really top of mind for many. Newer computers don’t come with DVD drives or writers.

Many are choosing to play back their video files through pen drives plugged into their HDTVs, computers and even mobile devices.

But then there are many out there still having functional DVD players connected to analog TVs.. Many others are are also using older computers with DVD-RW drives.

So burning a couple of video files to DVD is still an attractive proposition for those who’ve yet to venture into the world of HD video and Blu-ray or simply don’t care about doing it.

They feel at home burning their movies to DVD. Creating chapters and subtitles is a joy you can’t enjoy with a digital video file stored in a flash drive.

If you’re one of them, here’s a list of top free DVD burning software to burn your favorite videos to without burning a hole in your pocket.

Tools Required to Burn a Video File to DVD

DVD Writer

If you’re new to the game, let it be known that to burn a video file to DVD, you would need a DVD writer connected to your computer. In other words, you need a DVD+/-RW drive.

You can ‘t burn a DVD with a DVD-ROM drive. This drive can only read a DVD, but not write or record on it.

Most newer computers don’t come with DVD-ROM drives, much less DVD DVD+/-RW drive.

The workaround is an external USB DVD+/-RW drive, also called a DVD writer.

Supported Digital Video File

Also you need to have a compatible video file ready. As far as possible try to get your video file in the MP4 format for compatability and quality.

Other video formats like MPG, MKV and MOvare also supported by most DVD burning software.

Now that you have your DVD writer and video file ready, let’s take a look at the best free DVD burning software that you can install in your computer.


With BurnAware you can carry out such tasks as burning a DVD, erasing it, backing up a disc and even extracting audio tracks.

Top Free DVD Burning Software

The user interface isn’t all that inviting. But then it’s user-friendly. It works fast,too.

You can work with DVD, CD, Blu-ray, Double Layer discs and even M-Disc with it.

You can also create bootable discs with it, not to mention disc images. The free version, however, doesn’t allow you to undertake disc-to-disc copying.

Top Free DVD Burning Software

This is one free DVD burning software which works with older versions of Windows like XP and Vista.

Windows 7, 8 and 10 are supported.

If you’re just looking forward to burning a DVD or making a disc image copies of your discs, then Burnaware would suit you fine.

Check out the video to get an idea of how BurnAware free DVD burning software works.

WinX DVD Author

With WinX DVD Author you can burn popular video formats like MP4, MKV, MOV, FLV and VOB to DVD.

When creating your DVD, you can personalize your menu interface and add SRT subtitles.

Select your video aspect ratio (4:3 or 16:9) and choose between PAL and NTSC.

You can also undertake minor editing like trimming your video before burning your final disc.

You can also download Youtube videos and convert them to DVD (for your personal use, of course).

Burning is fast and no watermark is left on your video.

Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

Ashampoo works with DVD, Blu-ray and CD.

Apart from burning DVDs, it allows you to burn Full HD (1080p) and HD to Blu-ray.

You can also create SVCDS and VCDs with this program.

Backing up data and ripping music CDs can be done as well.

Working with ISO files is a breeze with Ashampoo Burning Studio Free.

You can easily convert your Blu-rays, DVDs and CDs within a few clicks of the mouse to image files as a preventive measure against disc rot.

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