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VHS-C Tapes for Sale: Grab Them While You Can

Best VHS-C tapes for sale

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:18 am

Do you have a functional VHS-C camcorder and are looking for blank VHS-C tapes to shoot some video on?

Many folks still have working VHS-C cameras and have fun shooting with them. VHS-C cameras have an advantage over 8mm and MiniDV cameras.

Although there are better video shooting options, some folks simply aren’t ready to go digital with DSLRs or Full HD camcorders.

VHS-C Tape Standout Advantage

You can play shot footage over a VHS player through the use of a VHS-C adapter.

This is a very convenient and cheap playback option, especially if you have a functional VHS player.

With 8mm and MiniDV, it is convenient playing back your tapes through the camcorder. Unless, of course, you get hold of a pricey tape player.

VHS players are cheaper and easier to find compared to 8mm or MiniDV cassette player decks.

The VHS revolution was over decades ago, No new VHS equipment, whether cameras or players are being manufactured in these days of HD video.

VHS-C Tapes for Sale Online

The good news is you can still find VHS-C tapes for sale. You may not find them in your neighborhood electronics store. But they’re readily available online, through marketplaces like Amazon.

That said, let’s look at some quality VHS-C tapes for sale. These tapes will ensure you get the best recording from your VHS-C camera.

Read through the selection or watch the video below.

Panasonic Super High-Grade TC-30 VHS-C Tape

Although the label says you can record 90 minutes of footage, it can manage only 30 minutes in SP (Standard Play) mode. If video quality is not a concern, then you may go up to 90 minutes in EP (Extended Play).

Panasonic was known to manufacture good quality VHS-C tapes. So, you can buy this high-quality tape with confidence.

Check out the Panasonic Super High-Grade TC-30 VHS-C tape.

Maxell VHS-C HGX-Gold TC-30

This 6-tape pack is ideal for you if you would like to stock up on good-quality VHS-C tapes.

The tapes are labeled as premium high-grade.

There’s also the 10-pack option, in case you need more tapes.

Sony VHS-C Premium Tape

Sony is well-known for 8mm and MiniDV tapes. Back in the day, it also manufactured high-quality VHS-C tapes.

Check out this 2-pack Sony Premium VHS-C tape.

TDK VHS-C HG Ultimate Tape

This 4-pack tape is made of Advanced Avifine formulation. If you would like to make repeated recordings on a tape, check out this HG Ultimate tape.

It copes well with a high number of erase cycles.

Check out this TDK VHS-C HG Ultimate Tape.

Fujifilm ProTC30 VHS-C Tape

This 2-pack VHS-C tape promises sharp pictures and superior sound.

Check out the Fujifilm ProTC30 VHS-C Tape.

JVC Extra High-Grade VHS-C Tape

This 2-pack VHS-C tape boasts the following features:

  • High Energy Magnetic Particles
  • Long-Lasting UDD Binder
  • Multi-Linear Orientation Technology

Check out this JVC Extra High-Grade VHS-C tape.

Also available is the 4-pack version.

As mentioned earlier, VHS-C tapes are no longer manufactured. If you swear by shooting on a VHS-C camera, grab these VHS-C tapes for sale while they’re still available.

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