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Whether you’re engaging in videomaking as a hobby, using it as a source for part-time income, or are a  full-time pro, it pays to understand and appreciate the basics and the nuts and bolts of digital and analog video.

It helps you understand basic video concepts and stay informed to help you make important decisions in your videomaking journey.

Videomaking is a technical and artistic pursuit.

While the artistic part (aka personal style/stamp ) comes from deep within you and can’t be taught, the technical aspects can be learned easily although they would seem intimidating to the beginner.

With that in mind, strives to simplify digital video for beginners.

We aim to do that by:

  1. answering frequently asked questions
  2. explaining how digital video works in a wide variety of equipment and environment.
  3. suggesting free and paid tools to get video tasks done

You’ll find guides, explanatory articles, tutorials presented in simple language.

Complex video topics, tasks, and processes are broken down into easy-to-digest, nuggets of information.

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