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FREE: The Best Royalty-Free VHS Green Screen Effects to Make Your Modern-Day Video Stand Out

Best Royalty-Free VHS Green Screen Effect Video Overlays

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:31 am

VHS is practically dead and gone.

The King of Home Video in the 1980s gave the home user power to watch their favourite movies and videos without having to rely on TV programming.

VHS ruled the roost before it was dethroned by DVD.

In this age of HD, Blu-ray and 4K video, very few people will think of watching a movie or a home video on a VHS player.

VHS players are no longer in production. Almost nobody records a video in the VHS format even if she has a VHS video camera.

The majority of those who had VHS home movies have got them converted to DVDs or other digital formats.

But then the romance with VHS continues. Just as it is with typewriter fonts.

In these days of crisp, digital video, we seem to miss timecodes and the grainy effects and other tape-related ‘mechanical glitches’ associated with VHS.

These ‘annoyances’ from a past era can make your present-day video stand out with a retro VHS look.

The best way to incorporate them into your video is by using royalty free VHS green screen effects.

If you’re doing a video with an 80s theme or putting together a photo video slideshow on a similar theme, you can make use of each of the following VHS green screen effects for free.

These royalty-free green screen effect videos would come in handy especially if you’re looking for an eye-catching transition effect.

VHS Fast Forward Green Screen Effect

Remember the time when you need to hit the fast forward button to arrive at a desired portion of the video?

When you do it, you’ll see lines running across the screen.

The video below does just that.

VHS Rewind Effect

Remember the black-and-white lines running across your TV screen when you rewind a VHS tape?

Especially if you’re using the jog shuttle on your VCR?

You can include this free VHS green screen effect in case you want to use a quick rewind effect in your video.

How to Download these Free VHS Green Screen Effects

Though free, these VHS green screen effects are offered under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

This licence requires you to provide attribution. It means you must credit the creator if you use these videos as part of your work.

Please visit ANFX Free Media at to download these clips.

More VHS Green Screen Videos

These free VHS green screen effects below are available at the Green Screen Garf channel.

Resolution is in 4K.

The two types of VHS green screen effects offered are with and without date.

There are accompanying videos showing you a sample video of how the VHS effect will look when you remove the green screen in your video editing program.

VHS Green Screen Effect with Date

This is how your video will look like when you apply this green screen effect.

VCR Glitch 4 :3 Aspect Ratio

If you need a 4 : 3 aspect ratio VHS look for your video, try this free VHS green screen effect below.

This is how your video will look like when you remove the green screen.

VHS Tape Rewind Glitch Green Screen Effect

This royalty-free VHS green screen effect overlay is provided by Free Stock Footage Archive. It is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

Under the free license, you would need to provide attribution (credit). Whether you’re using this royalty-free green screen effect for personal, educational or commercial use.

To download the video head to its page at Free Stock Footage Archive.

There you have it. Try these royalty-free vhs green screen effects to add spice to your videos. They would come useful if you need to flashback to a scene in the 1980s.

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