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What’s the Best Way to Convert VHS-C to Digital? You Have Three Options

Convert VHS-C to Digital

How to Convert VHS-C to Digital without a Camcorder

The best way to convert VHS-C to digital without a camcorder is through a VHS player with a VHS-C cassette adapter.

This is an easy fix and you don’t have to spend much to take this route.

But before we go into that, let’s take a quick look at the VHS-C tape format.

Anything Special About VHS-C?

The C attached to VHS doesn’t denote anything superior.

The C means Compact. So, VHS-C stands for VHS Compact or Video Home System Compact.

In other words, it’s the smaller version of VHS. Everything else about it is the same as VHS – from tape width to video resolution.

VHS-C History

VHS-C, developed by (Victor Company of Japan) hit the market in 1982.

VHS-C can be said to be a bigger version of Video8, which was then its main competitor.

The dominant format then was, of course, VHS.

VHS-C Features

While Video8 can’t be played through a VHS player, with VHS-C it’s possible as will be explained below.

But then VHS-C has a rather limited play time – from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

It has a horizontal resolution of 240 lines.

VHS-C to Digital Equipment

The VHS-C to digital equipment needed are a VHS-C playback device (camera or player) , a video capture device and a computer with video capture software (usually comes with your video capture device).

VHS-C to Digital Process

Connect your video and audio out from your video camera/player to your video in and audio in of your video capture device. You’ll need, composite or RCA cables.

Power on your computer and launch the video capture/editing software.

If you’re using the video capture software that came with your video capture device, follow the instuctions in the manual.

Then power onyour VHS-C camera/player .

Press Play on your VHS-C camcorder and at the same time start your capture through the software.

VHS-C to Digital without a Computer

If you don’t have a functional VHS-C camcorder then you can undertake video capture through a VHS player with the setup mentioned above.

For this you would need a VHS-C to VHS adapter.

With this adapter, you can slot your VHS-C tape into it and pop it into a VHS player to capture video to your computer.

This is the standout advantage of having a VHS-C tape compared to an 8mm tape which you want to convert to digital.

For an 8mm tape, if you don’t have a functional camcorder, you would have to buy an 8mm video player, which is costly compared to a VHS player, available for much, much, cheaper.

Where to Source for VHS-C Adapter

Of course you can’t find new VHS-C adapters as the VHS format is practically dead. You can source for one through eBay or Amazon or your neighborhood thrift store.

Check out the Best VHS-C Cassette Adapters.

Copying VHS-C to DVD

If you would like to copy your VHS-C to DVD, you can do it through two ways.

If you have a DVD recorder, then you can connect your VHS-C camera or player to the recorder, insert a blank DVD in it and start recording.

The second option is through computer video capture as explained above. After capturing video and storing it as a digital file in your computer, you may proceed to export is as DVD.

Most video editing programs have burn-to-DVD as an export option.

For this, you must have a DVD+/-RW drive in your computer.

VHS-C to Digital Service

If you have only a tape or two to convert to digital, you could check out the neighborhood analog to digital conversion service.

This would save the money of sourcing for almost-obsolete equipment and setting them only to store them away after the conversion.

VHS-C to digital conversion service offer quality conversion with their high-end equipment and you can rest assured you’ll get your converted video in your preferred digital video format.

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