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Free Online Video Cutter Joiner without Watermark: Avoid the Hassle of Installing Software

free online video cutter joiner without watermark

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:41 pm

This post will introduce you to a free online video cutter joiner without a watermark to save you the trouble of installing a video editor on your computer.

Sometimes you need to cut and remove a certain portion of a video clip. You may then need to the clip with another.

You can easily do this with a video editor. However, if it’s only a few clips you would cut and join, you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing a video editing program on your computer.

Installing a video editor program may take up space and may slow down your computer if you use it with other programs.

To save the trouble of installing video editing software, you could use an online video cutter joiner.

All you need to do is have an Internet connection to use them.

But then must you pay to use such a service just to cut and join a few clips? No, there are many free online video cutter joiners out there.

But then they come with a catch. The final video exported after cutting and joining your clips comes with a watermark. That won’t look good on your video.

But then rest easy as there are some free video cutters and joiners online without a watermark.

What’s more, you can export your video in the MP4 format.

It isn’t easy to find free online video cutters and joiners without a watermark. There are so many misleading claims out there. Some claim to offer free video cutting and joining without a watermark. However, when the video is exported, it comes with a watermark. It’s just a ploy to get you to sign up for an account.

Others don’t mention that there will be a watermark on your video in the free plan. Only after exporting, you’ll notice that it comes with a watermark.

Anyway, after some time digging around, we managed to find a free online video cutter joiner without watermark.

Online Video Cutter

Visit Online Video Cutter and follow the steps below to cut and join videos online without a watermark.

Step 1 Select Merge Videos

On the home page select Merge videos.

free online video cutter joiner without  watermark - online video cutter

Step 2 – Open File

Next, click on Open file and select your clips.

free online video cutter joiner without  watermark - open file

When you do that, your clips will be arranged in the video editor timeline.

free online video cutter joiner without  watermark. - add video to timeline

Step 3 – Cut Your Video(s)

Next, start cutting your video. Drag the play head to the desired position and hit the scissors icon.

Here are the steps:

  1. Click and select the clip you want to cut.
  2. Drag and place the play head on the point you want to cut.
  3. Hit the scissors icon.
free online video cutter joiner without  watermark - cutting your video

As soon as you do that, you’ll see that the clip is split.

free online video cutter joiner without  watermark - cutting your video 2

Step 4 – Delete Unwanted Clip

You can then proceed to delete the clip or choose another point to cut the clip.

Delete the portion you don’t want by hitting the delete key on your keyboard. You may also hit the trash bin icon to delete the selected portion.

free online video cutter joiner without  watermark - deleting unwanted video

Step 5 – Join Needed Clips

Drag and join the clips you need.

Play the clip to check whether you’ve made the right cut.

Step 6 – Preview Joined Clips

If you’re satisfied with your clip arrangement, hit the play button to preview the joined clips.

Step 6 – Export Video

If you’re happy with your newly assembled video, you may export it. Hit the Save button on the left panel.

free online video cutter joiner without  watermark - exporting video

The next step would be to choose your export settings. Select MP4 as the format. Then set your video resolution. For the free plan, the maximum resolution you can choose is 720p.

Done with your selection, click on the Export button.

Step 7- Download and View Video

You’ll get a message when your video is ready to be downloaded. You may then proceed to Save the video and view it.

Here’s the cut and joined video without a watermark.

A Tolerable Drawback

This online cutter joiner tool comes with a drawback that you’ll hardly notice. Ads pop up here and there.

That’s tolerable though. The provider needs advertising revenue to keep going. Anyway, having to put up with ads is a million times better than having a permanent watermark on your video.

Check out the useful free online video cutter joiner without watermark used above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can and can’t free video cutter joiners do?

Here are among the tasks that they can and can’t do.

What they can do:

  • Cut and trim videos: Most tools allow you to easily remove unwanted sections from your footage with frame-by-frame precision in some cases.
  • Join multiple clips: Seamlessly merge several video clips into one cohesive video, ideal for creating compilations or montages.
  • Basic editing features: Some offer trimming, cropping, rotating, resizing, and even adding simple text overlays.
  • Convert between video formats: Many platforms support a wide range of input and output formats, ensuring compatibility with various devices and platforms.
  • Download or share edited videos: Once you’re happy with your creation, you can download it to your device or share it directly on social media platforms.

What they can’t do:

  • Advanced editing: Professional features like color correction, green screen effects, advanced audio editing, and complex transitions are usually missing.
  • High-resolution editing: Some tools have limitations on output resolution, especially in free plans.
  • Large file sizes: Uploading and processing big video files can be slow or have size restrictions in free versions.
  • Watermark-free editing: Not all free tools offer watermark-free exports, check before uploading your precious footage.
  • Offline editing: These tools rely on internet access and browser functionality, so offline editing isn’t an option.

What should you consider when choosing a free video cutter joiner?

To avoid frustration and ensure you pick the perfect tool for your needs, consider these key factors:

1. Your Editing Needs

  • Basic cutting and joining: Choose tools like Video Cutter or Online Video Cutter for simple tasks.
  • Basic editing features: Tools like Kapwing offer trimming, cropping, and audio adjustments.
  • Unique features: Kapwing excels in resizing, rotating, and text overlays.

2. Supported Formats

  • Ensure your video format is compatible with the tool’s input and output formats.

3. File Size Restrictions

  • Free plans often have upload size limitations. Choose Video Cutter or Online Video Cutter for larger files.

4. Editing Interface

  • Consider your comfort level. Does it offer drag-and-drop simplicity? Is the user interface basic or cluttered?

5. Watermark Policy

  • Many free tools add watermarks. Choose tools with watermark-free exports.

6. Output Quality

  • Free plans often have lower resolution export options. VEED.IO and Clideo offer quality upgrades in paid plans.
  • Consider your video’s intended platform and target audience.

7. Additional Features

  • Some tools offer subtitles, music libraries, or integrations with other platforms. Choose one that fits your needs.

8. User Reviews and Ratings

  • Read reviews and compare ratings to understand other users’ experiences with different tools.

9. Future Needs

  • If you see yourself editing more complex videos in the future, consider tools with potential for scaling up to paid plans with advanced features.
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