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Blank VHS Tapes for Sale ‘Near Me’: Top Choices

Blank VHS tapes for sale near me

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:18 am

Are you wondering, “Are there any blank VHS tapes for sale near me?” The good news is there are. They may not be available at your neighborhood electronics store. But there are other options.

In these days of HD video, VHS is not in vogue. However, there’s still a demand for blank VHS tapes.

Yes, there are blank VHS tapes for sale. There are still folks very much involved with the VHS format.

Many own functioning VHS players and camcorders. These tapes are needed for recording TV shows and shooting videos.

Strange as it may seem in these days of HD video, some folks still feel more comfortable with VHS players and VHS tapes.

If you’re one of them, you may also need blank VHS tapes to make copies of existing important VHS tapes.

You see, VHS tapes fall victim to the ravages of time. Your tapes may also become victims of mold attack and render them unusable.

Or you may have a trusty VHS video camera and need blank VHS tapes to shoot videos.

Are Blank VHS Tapes Still Made?

The bad news is the production of VHS tapes was stopped years ago. This is understandable. No new VCR units are being manufactured, not after 2016. So, there isn’t any need for new blank VHS tapes as far as manufacturers are concerned.

Still, there are blank VHS tapes for sale. You may not find them at your neighborhood electronics store, but there are many choices online.

These tapes are unused and come sealed like new. They work fine, however, for the most part.

Here then are the best VHS blank tapes for sale online. You may buy them as a single unit or in packs.

Where to Buy Blank VHS Tapes

You can buy empty VHS tapes from online marketplaces like

Amazon has an extensive selection of blank VHS tapes of different household brands.

Among the quality brands available are Maxell, Sony, and JVC, among others.

How Can You Tell if a VHS Tape is Blank?

If the tape comes wrapped, it is blank. Some folks might have bought dozens of blank tapes decades back and had left them unused.

To be on the safe side, always buy blank VHS tapes that come wrapped.

Types of VHS Tapes Available for Sale: Standard and High-Grade

There are two types of VHS tapes available for sale, generally. They are standard VHS tapes and high-grade VHS tapes.

What does high grade mean? Does it mean you get superior picture quality compared to a standard VHS tape?

Not necessarily. Especially if you’re using an entry-level VHS player. VHS resolution will remain at 240 lines for these high-grade tapes.

What you can expect from these tapes is durability. They are supposed to last longer than their standard counterparts.

That said, here are some VHS blanks for sale online.

Maxell MAX214016 – Standard VHS Tape

This standard grade tape records for 2 hours in SP mode and 6 hours in EP mode.

Of course in Extended Play mode, the video would be of lower quality.

This tape would be suitable if you plan to record, erase and rerecord shows.

Check out the Maxell MAX214016  VHS Tape.

Maxell HGX-Gold Premium High-Grade T-120 VHS Tape

If you like the Maxell brand, you may opt for the high-grade version of the tape.

This is especially true if you’re using a stereo VCR.

This high-grade VHS tape promises superior picture and sound, especially if you’re recording in LP or EP mode.

Check out the Maxell HGX-Gold Premium High-Grade T-120 VHS Tape.

RCA T-120H VHS Video Cassette

If a standard VHS tape meets your needs, then consider looking at this RCA blank tape.

This is an Amazon’s choice product.

Users have reported a good experience with the tape.

Check out the RCA T-120H VHS tape.

The listings above are for single blank VHS tapes. What if you’re looking for bulk blank VHS tapes?

Check out the bulk VHS purchase listings below for ideas.

Sony 12T120VR 120-Minute Premium VHS Tapes

If you would like to stock up on VHS tapes, opt for this Sony’s 12-pack offering.

Sony’s quality assurance needs no mention.

In the VHS heyday, Sony was one of the top manufacturers of VHS tapes.

Check out this premium Sony 12T120VR VHS tape pack.

5-Pack TDK Premium Quality HS 6Hrs T-120 VHS Tapes

Thinking of doing repeated recordings on your VHS tapes?

Try this 5-Pack TDK offering. TDK is well-known for its blank media products, especially audio cassettes.

Expect quality from TDK VHS tapes.

Check out the 5-Pack TDK Premium Quality VHS tapes.

More Places with VHS Tapes for Sale

Check out the video below for more VHS tape-buying ideas.

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