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Learn Video Editing for Beginners Online with these Free Tools

video editing online for beginners

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:17 am

This post will explain options to learn video editing for beginners online. Any beginner wanting to edit videos quickly and easily can try these platforms for free before signing up.

Video editing is an indispensable skill, especially when creating multimedia content. Whether you plan to create a YouTube or social media video, it’s a skill worth mastering.

Video editing used to be a specialized skill that was a province of a group of professionals.

Time was when there was a steep curve involved in learning video editing. Also, you would need a big budget to buy a video editing program, not to mention a powerful computer to handle editing tasks.

Most daunted by these prospects would take the easy way out and pay a professional to edit their videos.

Usually, a professional is hired to shoot and edit their videos. But these days, more and more folks have access to affordable video cameras,

Why, you can even shoot videos with your smartphone. Most would want to edit and share these videos instantly. As such, you would not need a video editor that’s easy to use and has all the features you need.

This is where online video editors come in. Online video editors are becoming popular among millions for the reasons stated below.

If you’re new to video editing and want to master the skill of creating your own videos, learning through an online video editor is the way to go.

Spend your free time playing around with the online video editors listed below. Choose the one that suits your needs and ability before signing up for a premium plan.

Online Video Editor Advantages

No Learning Curve

Online video editors are designed for beginners with little or no video editing skills. You can get started creating videos within minutes. Most of what you’ll be doing is dragging and dropping videos onto the timeline and cutting and joining them.

In case you need help, you’re provided with training videos.

Use Anywhere

Another big advantage of online video editors is that they can be used anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

So, if you’re traveling someplace overseas, you can still edit your videos. Plus, you don’t necessarily need to use your own computer to edit your videos. You can use any computer with an Internet connection to do so.

No Installation Required

Online video editors save you the trouble of installing video editors on your computer. Plus, you don’t have to worry about installing updates to your program.

Online video editors get updated automatically to the latest version. All you need to get started is the latest web browser version.

Bundled Creative Assets

You can’t necessarily shoot all the video clips you need for your project. For example, if you need a video of a racing car, you may be unable to shoot it. So you’ll need to use a stock video.

You must purchase stock videos and images separately with an offline video editor. You must sign up for a stock video service and pay every time you use a premium image or video.

With an online video editor, you save yourself the trouble. Good online video editors come with stock video, image and audio clips. You can use any of them without having to worry about licensing them.

Everything – video, audio and photos are in a single place; you just need to drag and drop them into your video editing timeline.

Unlimited Templates

Offline video editors would need you to start a video project from scratch. Some do offer templates. However, they have limited options.

Online video editors have countless options as far as video templates are concerned. There are templates for YouTube videos, YouTube shorts, Instagram videos, TikTok videos and so on.

In most instances, you would just need to replace a video or image and text in the video. You could easily create a new, unique video within minutes, saving you much time and effort.

Once you’re familiar with starting video projects with templates, you may switch to starting with a blank canvas and add the necessary media items. In this way, you’ll have more control over your video creation efforts.

Free to Use

Most of the online video editors have free plans. Some allow you limited video editing features good enough to create presentable videos.

So, if the quick and easy way is your idea of creating videos, then opt for an online video editor. You will soon join millions of novice video editors who create videos like the pros.

Learning with Free Tools vs Taking Courses

Many think the best way to master video editing is by taking a course online. This is not always true.

Video editing requires a hands-on approach. You learn video editing by editing a video yourself.

When you enrol in a course, you may learn things that you don’t really need to know. You may be forced to sit through advanced modules that don’t really help. This is a waste of time and energy.

For example, a course may teach you how to edit green-screen videos. You don’t need this knowledge to create a video as a beginner.

When you start editing a video on an online video editor, you learn only what is required to complete your video project. You learn the necessary skills as you progress with your video projects.

These days most online video editors come with training videos that help you master a particular aspect of video editing. This speeds up your learning. Additionally, there are videos shared by users on YouTube.

There are many online video editors out there. Here are the ones you can get started with to learn video editing for beginners online.


InVideo prides itself on offering thousands of templates to satisfy all your video creation needs.

It promises easy video editing for beginners online.

InVideo templates cover travel, technology, YouTube, gaming, and marketing videos.

You can get started with Invideo by signing up for a free account.

You can either use your Google account or your email account.

After signing up, you can start creating your videos using a template of your preference.

After clicking on your preferred template, you’re invited to customize it. Here, you can choose the video aspect ratio, the video type and your video niche.

When you do this, templates will be filtered according to your needs.

Once you select your template, click on Use template.

Next, you would you would be brought to the video editor. Here, you’ll be allowed to replace your video clips and text.

You can choose the assets provided by InVideo in the left panel. Just click on any item in the categories and drag it to the timeline.

Alternatively, you can upload your own images and videos by clicking on Uploads.

You can also switch to the layers mode to get a closer look at the clips combined in the timeline.

You can replace these clips from the InVideo library or your uploads. You can also use your own voiceover to the timeline.

Text to Video

This is the route to speed up video creation. You can use this method to speed up your video creation process if you already have a video script.

Just plug your script into InVideo, and the program will select the necessary video and image clips to match your content.

This feature would be useful if you’re creating a video essay.

If you wish to convert a blog post into a video, just enter the URL at the bottom of the script panel.

Your script will be broken up into scenes.

InVideo will choose appropriate video clips and images to match your content.

If a selected asset isn’t appropriate, you may change it manually by clicking on the Drag and Drop Media feature.

You’re welcome to try InVideo for free before making a buying decision.


WeVideo is another versatile online video editor that you can get started with to create your videos.

It will suit you if you’re making educational or training videos.

Apart from basic video editing, Wevideo also comes with a screen recorder.

There’s also a green screen feature if you want to use different backgrounds. This would be useful if you’re making talking head videos and need to change the background image.

How to Get Started

Get started for free with WeVideo by going to the Pricing section.

Here, you can select the free plan. This is not a time-limited free plan. It’s a free-forever package.

As you can see, the free plan comes with limitations. You’re only allowed a maximum of five video minutes a month.

Quality is lowered to 480p. This is DVD quality. Trying out the video editor to see its capabilities before buying is a good idea.

Click on the Try it button and register for an account. You can use Google, Facebook or your email to sign up.

After creating your account, you may get started with a template. Or you may click on the Create button to start making a video from scratch.

Starting from Scratch

Click on Create and select Video from the dropdown menu.

On selecting Video, you can start uploading your creative assets after renaming your project.

You have 2 options here. Either click on the Import button or drag and drop your media clips into the provided space.

Once you’ve collected your media clips in the bin, drag and drop them to the timeline in your preferred order.

You can then go ahead and make the necessary edits by splitting and deleting clips.

You may add stock footage to your project by clicking the Videos button.

Drag and drop a preferred video clip to your timeline.

You may then proceed to add stock audio clips, images and text.

Once you’re satisfied with your project, hit the Export button on the top right.

You can export to Google Drive, One Drive or YouTube.

Video processing will begin, after which you may download your video.

Within minutes your video will be processed, and you’ll be ready to download it.

Wevideo is an easy-to-use online video editor for beginners. Sign up for free and start editing your videos like a pro.


Kizoa is an online video editing and movie-making platform. You can make slideshows, edit videos up to 4K quality, and even make collages.

The platform allows you to make videos up to a minute long under its free plan. Usually, free plans provide only 720p resolution. Kizoa, however, offers 1080p resolution.

This will suit you if you plan to create short videos for social media platforms.

A storage space of 1GB is also provided, plus access to its photo and video libraries.

Signing up is easy. Just enter your email address and password, and you can access the service. There’s no need to verify your email address.

After signing up, click on Movie Maker. You’ll be given two options – create a movie from a template or from scratch.

If you choose a template, you can choose the theme you desire – love, business, travel, wedding, and Christmas, among others.

You can also choose your video orientation – landscape, square or portrait.

A standout feature of Kizoa is the availability of thousands of copyright-free stock videos and images that you can use with your video projects,

After editing, you can download your completed video project, upload it to YouTube or share it on Facebook.

Check out the video below on how to use the Kizoa Online Video Editor.

Try out the free versions of the above options if you want to explore video editing for beginners online. This exercise will enable you to gauge their user-friendliness. Also, you’ll get to determine whether they have the necessary features for your video projects.

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