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How to Stream Videos from Your Tablet and Mobile Phone to Your HDTV with the Affordable Chromecast

phone video to tv with chromecast

Are you fond of watching videos on your mobile phone or tablet?

Wouldn’t it be nice to  stream those  exciting videos on a large screen HD TV.

Well, if you’ve grown a little too tired of watching vidoes on the small screens of your mobile telephone or tablet, there’s a small, handy device that could stream video to your HD TV.

It’s called Chromecast and if you have a little cash to spare you can get it attached to your TV and watch movies which you usually watch on the small screens of your mobile devices.

Check out this video on how you can configure Chromecast to get it to work with your TV.

By the way, can you stream movies from your desktop or laptop computer to your TV via Chromecast? Check that out, too, in the video.

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