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3 Projects You Could Shoot With Your Video Camera to Hone Your Videomaking Skills and Make Money

Have you been dabbling in video for quite a while and are now
thinking of earning some cash out of your passion? If so, here are the
baby steps you should take to

make money with your video production efforts.

3 Projects You Could Shoot With Your Video Camera to Hone Your
Videomaking Skills and Make Money

Out Your Camera and Start Shooting
Do you have a video camera that you bought on an impulse or
received as a gift for your birthday or for Christmas and is lying
around collecting dust? Do you have a computer that came with a decent
video editing software or you’ve investing in a video editing program
with the hope making some cool video masterpieces.

Have you been wondering how you could get something out of your
investment? If you’re you could get started on any of these three video
projects to not sharpen your video productions skills, but also earn
some cash out of your efforts as well without much of an initial

But then you may have to hone your video production skills first before
you even think of making serious money.

Shoot How-To Videos at Home

Do you have a skill that others envy? Or do you know someone who’s good
at something, be it assembling a computer, or fixing a leaking roof or
giving a massage? If so, you could do a step-by-step video to share the
particular skill with others.

Your video doesn’t have to be complicated though. If you understand the
process, you could create a simple storyboard to make the video shooting
easier. You may also want to write a short script so that you would know
the key points you wish to cover for the how-to video.

If you keen on creating how-to videos, but lack the inspiration to get
started, you could visit YouTube to take a look at some cool how-to
videos made by amateurs.

How-to videos are really popular over the Internet. Most people would
rather watch a how-to video video rather than reading a book when they
want to learn to do something.

If you find that a little challenging for you, you could at the simplest
level, just put a camera before you and you go on to explain how to do
something, maybe how to write a story, how to manage your time when it
comes to writing. You will then be doing a talking head video.

Upload your productions to video sharing sites like YouTube to gauge
response before you tie up with sites like monetize your

Break Into Corporate Videos
There are many companies out
there who would like to communicate their corporate messages to the
world but don’t have the budget to hire a top-notch production company.
If you don’t have any experience in making corporate videos then you
could offer yourself to do one for a friend’s company which you could
then use to show prospective clients.

Again you would need to study lots of examples and hone your
scriptwriting skills. The challenge would be to tell an engaging story
when there seems nothing much to say about a company. Be good at this
and you could be seeing some good dollars but you must first come up
with something that makes corporate folks sit up and take notice.

Wedding Videos
This is one project you could get started immediately. Have a friend or
family member who is tying the knot soon? Volunteer to shoot the wedding
at your own expense while allowing the professional videographer to do
his own job.

I’ve tried this before and proved that I could do a better job than the
professional videographer who shot a relative’s wedding. Again the
nicely-edited video would act as your passport to get other wedding,
birthday or family function offers.

Your Skills First

Depending on the area you live, video services may be a competitive
market. If such is the case, then you would have to really go out there
with polished skills. The more projects you invest you time on, the
better you would become and the easier it would be to get noticed

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