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Start Producing Your Video Now Without Any Extra Cost: You Already Have Two Powerful Tools

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:34 am

Video production has become accessible to the man in the street.

Video technology has not only become more advanced but also much, much cheaper.

These days, anyone with a computer bought for a different purpose – business, education or work – is the owner of a video production suite.

In the days of analog video such a facility was accessible to only the big boys (studios, production houses) with big budgets and ran into tens of thousands  of dollars.

In the early days of digital video you would would need a video capture card to capture analog video or a Firewire connection in your PC to capture video from a camcorder and edit it.

These days you don’t need that kind of expensive equipment.

You don’t even a have to buy a video camera or a camcorder to start shooting  producing video.

If you have a reasonably good mobile smartphone, you can be a video producer. Chances are you would already have shot video with your phone and is stored there, waiting to be edited and shared.

With the hardware part taken care of, let’s talk about the software part.

Do you need to go out and buy an expensive video editing program like Adobe Premiere?

No you don’t have to.

If you’re on Windows, as most of us do, there’s the built-in program, Windows Live Movie Maker.

Take some time to learn it.

Alternatively, there is a good selection of free video editing software programs. These reliable freeware have been tried and tested and recommended by authority sites.

One program you could get started with easily is Windows Movie Maker which came bundled with older versions of Windows. It’s now available as a free download and the tutorials provided will help you get going with your video production efforts.

There are many tutorials out there available for free. Just type Windows Video editing software.

After you’ve edited your video, you don’t have to worry about sharing them with the rest of the world.

In the old days you have to make copies of CDs or DVDs to pass them around or mail to friends and relatives.

Now you just provide them with a link where they could view the video online via YouTube, Facebook and countless other video sharing sites.

So, you can’t help but be grateful to the amount of resources available to you at no cost or low cost and the multi-purpose equipment that allows you to engage in video production.

So, don’t wait any longer. You can start shooting and producing your video today with whatever resources you have. aims to help you, as much as possible, with tips, techniques, tricks and free tools that could assist you with your video production efforts.

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