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How to Fix a DVD Player Not Turning On : Steps to Try Before Sending to Service Centre

DVD player not powering on

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:17 am

Just when you want to watch a good movie, your DVD player won’t turn on.

It was working fine the last time you switched it on.

What’s the problem?

Could it be that your DVD player is faulty? Before you decide it is and plan to send it to a service centre, try the fixes mentioned below.

Any of them may work to solve the problem of your DVD player not turning on.

Securely Plugged In?

Is your DVD player securely plugged into the power outlet? If it isn’t push the plug in firmly. Otherwise, pull the plug out and push it in securely. Then try powering on your DVD player.

Also if the power cord to your DVD player is detachable, push it in firmly into the unit.

Replace Power Cord

Examine the condition of the DVD player cord. Is there any visible damage, maybe rat bites?

If the cord is detachable, try using another one that’s in good condition.

Unplug for a Minute

Remove the plug from the power outlet. Wait for about a minute or longer. Do this to drain residual power and reset the unit. Plug the unit in again and wait for about 10 seconds before powering it on.

Alternative Power Outlet

Could it be the power outlet causing the problem? Try another power outlet that works with other equipment. If it works, then the problem is with the power source.

Can’t Power on with Remote?

If you can’t power your DVD player with the remote, try the power button on the player.

If the player is turned on, then try replacing the batteries on the remote.

Also, check whether anything is blocking the Infrared (IR) sensor on the player.

Alternatively, if the power button on the player, doesn’t work try turning the DVD player with the remote.

Above Fixes Don’t Work?

Send to Service Center

If the above fixes don’t work, then it’s likely that your DVD player is faulty. If your unit is covered by warranty, you would want to send it to the service centre.

Buy a New Unit

Unit not covered by warranty?

It may not be worth repairing your DVD player. Labour costs may put you off.

DVD players are affordable these days. Some even come with HDMI connections.

You may want to get a new unit instead of getting it repaired and running the risk of it going faulty again in the near future.

A new DVD player will give you at least a year’s warranty.

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