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How to Connect a Sony Hi8 Camcorder to a TV

connect Hi8 camcorder to your TV

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:17 am

The best way to view your Hi8 or 8mm tapes is to digitize them. Once you convert your Hi8 tapes to digital or DVD, you won’t have to worry about viewing your precious memories.

Even if you end up with a faulty Hi8 camcorder, you can still view the contents of your tape via a computer, smartphone or even YouTube.

However, if you haven’t digitalized your Hi8 tapes, you can still watch them by connecting your Sony Hi8 camcorder to your TV.

This post will show you how to connect your Sony Hi8 camcorder to a TV.

How you connect will depend on the type of Sony Hi-8 camcorder and TV you have, as will be explained below.

In other words, it will depend on your Sony Hi8 camcorder and your TV’s AV connections.

That said, let’s look at the various ways you can connect your Hi8 camcorder to your TV.

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Sony Hi8 Camcorder Connections

Sony Hi8 Camcorder with Composite (RCA) Connections

Some Sony Hi8 camcorders come with RCA or composite connections.

An example is the Sony CCD-TRV46E Hi8 camcorder. It has no S-Video output port.

So, for this type of camcorder, you can only connect it to your TV via RCA or composite video cables.

On the audio side, most Hi8 camcorders have stereo RCA audio (red and white ports). Some have mono audio (white port only).

Sony Hi8 Camcorder with S-Video Connection

Most Hi8 camcorders come with S-Video connections. An S-Video connection offers better video quality than an RCA connection.

Ideally, you would want to connect your Hi8 camcorder to your TV with an S-Video connection.

But a Hi8 camcorder with an S-Video connection also comes with an RCA connection.

Television Set Types

Standard Analog TV

A standard analog TV comes with RCA connections. So, if you’re connecting your Hi8 camcorder to an analog TV, you must use composite cables.

Analog TV with S-Video

There are certain analog TV models with S-Video input. Some analog flat-screen models have S-Video input ports, apart from component video input ports.

An S-Video connection generally offers about 50% higher video quality than an RCA or composite video connection.

Remember that an S-Video connection only carries video. You’ll still need RCA cables for audio.


Some older HDTV models come with analog RCA and S-Video connections. If so, you can connect your Hi8 camcorder to your TV like you would with an analog TV. See the explanation above.

HDTV with Component Video Input

Some HDTV sets may not have RCA or S-Video video input ports. They may only have component video (red, green, blue) and composite audio (red and white) ports.

In this instance, you can’t directly connect your Hi8 camcorder to your TV.

You would need to use an S-Video to component video converter.

The S-Video part of the converter is to be plugged into your Hi8 camcorder.

HDTV with HDMI Only

Some latest HDTVs come only with HDMI and USB ports.

In this instance, you may use an AV (RCA)/S-Video to HDMI converter.

This converter takes a composite video signal and converts it to an HDMI signal.

Selecting your TV AV Channel

After you’ve connected your Hi8 camcorder to your TV, you’ll need to select the appropriate channel on your TV to view your tape content.

With an analog TV or even HDTV, you would need to toggle between AV1, AV2 and so on with the remote control.

If you’re using an HDMI connection, you’ll need to toggle between HDMI1, HDMI2 and so on.

Next, set the Hi8 camcorder to VTR mode and hit the Play button.

You should be able to watch your Hi8 tapes on your TV.

Video Guide

Check out the video guide below to refresh your understanding of how to connect a Sony Hi8 camcorder to a TV set

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