It may not be a popular DVD format these days but back in the 1990s the DVD-RAM (Random Access Memory) attracted much attention.

It was once the only rewritable format endorsed by the DVD Forum.

DVD-RAM is much similar to a DVD+R and DVD-R disc. But it’s not a disc per se but is housed in a cartridge. Because of this you can’t play it in a DVD+R or DVD-RW drive or DVD recorder. You’ll need a  DVD-RAM drive.

DVD-RAM Writer

DVD-RAM Storage and Longevity

A DVD-RAM disc holds up to 4,7 GB of data and double-sided one hold around 9.4GB of data. This may not seem to be much in these days of data storage in pen drives, but it was ample storage space back in its heyday.

According to the book, Comp Install And Servicing,  DVD-RAM can be rewritten 100,000 times and can last for about 30 years.

You don’t have to reformat a DVD-RAM to rewrite it.

You could drag and drop files on a DVD-RAM like you do with a hard disk.

8-cm DVD-RAM

Mini DVD Camcorders  (Panasonic and Hitachi models)  started using 3-inch DVD-RAM discs to enable easy playback of videos instead of having to capture it to computer or copy it to VHS.

The disc has the capability to store still images compared to DVD-R camcorder discs.

The camcorder DVD-RAM disc will play back in computers with DVD drives that support the format.