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Why VHS is Better than DVD: Learn ‘Hidden’ ‘Superior’ Benefits

VHS Better than DVD

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:17 am

This post explains why VHS is better than DVD for those who may not take the toppled King of Home Entertainment seriously.

It goes without saying DVD offers better quality than VHS.

VHS is an analog format while DVD is digital. This means that a DVD video is accurately reproduced on a screen.

When a copy of a DVD is made, there isn’t any quality loss because it’s a digital copy.

VHS, on the other hand, loses quality when a copy of it is made.

That doesn’t mean that DVD is superior to VHS on all fronts.

Here are some areas where VHS is better than DVD. Get ready for the revelation.

No Scratch Risk

DVDs look slick and shiny but exposed. You can easily scratch a DVD. Once scratched, you’ll have playback issues. Pictures may skip or freeze. Worse, it may display a “No Disc’ sign on your DVD player LCD screen.

With VHS, the tape is covered in a ‘shell’ and isn’t exposed. So, there’s little room for damaging or scratching it through external contact. Even if the magnetic tape is scratched, it doesn’t result in serious playback issues.

Continue Watching Where You Stopped

With a DVD, you can’t continue watching from the point you stopped if you completely turn off the power or remove the disc. You would have to go to scene selection to pick up from where you left off.

Even then you won’t get to the precise point you stopped watching.

With a VHS tape, you don’t have that problem. You can remove the tape from the player without worries. When you re-insert it, you can continue watching from the point you stopped.

Easy Operation

It’s easier for children and senior citizens to play a VHS tape. Just pop the tape in and hit the play button.

With a DVD player, you would need to eject the disc tray first. Then you would need to properly position the disc on the tray slot. Finally, you need to close the tray. This may pose a problem for children and senior citizens.

Also, most of the DVD functions are available through the remote. Senior citizens may find it difficult to navigate through tiny menu buttons.


If left lying around, DVDs are more susceptible to damage. This is especially so when children are around. This would include scratches, and bending the disc out of curiosity.

A hard cover protects the tape material in a VHS tape to withstand rough handling. No worries even if children throw the tapes around. As such VHS is more durable than DVD.


It’s cheaper to buy a VHS movie compared to a DVD movie. After all, VHS is no longer in vogue. If you have a functioning VHS player, you can pick up movie tapes at dirt-cheap prices at thrift stores.

Low-Quality Charm

DVD offers better picture quality than VHS. However, sometimes you get tired of watching these high-quality images where everything is enhanced.

The enhancement could be quite a distraction. We may be forced to focus on colours rather than the overall story or acting.

VHS with its right balance of colors allows us to focus on a movie story.

Easy Navigation

With DVD you can’t skip certain parts of the video by fast-forwarding it, especially at the beginning of a movie – studio intros, copyright warnings and so on.

With VHS you can skip all those non-essentials. Just fast forward to where you want to begin watching the movie.

No Region Codes

As you may be well aware, DVDs come with region codes. As such, you can’t play a Region 2 DVD (Europe) on a Region 1 DVD player (USA).

With VHS, there’s no region lock. As long as the VHS player supports the tape’s TV system (NTSC/PAL/SECAM) you can play any tape.

For example, a DVD from Japan (region 2) can’t be played on a DVD player (region 1) in the USA.

However, a VHS tape from Japan (NTSC) can be played on a VCR in the USA.

VHS-Only Movies

Some movies were never released on DVD and never will be. So, you can watch them only on VHS. These are VHS exclusives.

Of course, these movies are going to cost you a bomb because they’re rare.

Also, some movies have parts removed when they see DVD release. You can only view the uncut version through VHS.


Maybe you watched a satisfying movie on VHS during your days. VHS allows you to take a trip down memory lane.

It allows you to recall moments you may have forgotten. For example, a certain animated movie may help you recall a place or the people who were with you when you viewed the movie.

The above are the main reasons why VHS is better than DVD. Take a few moments to ponder on them before you get rid of VHS from your life.

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