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Fix Windows 10 Won’t Recognize DVD Drive : Here’s How to Troubleshoot Within Minutes

Windows 10 Not Recognizing Your DVD Drive

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:32 am

You’re about to burn a video to DVD on your Windows computer. Just as you’re sitting back to start the process, nothing shows up on your screen.

What’s the problem? How do you fix Windows 10 won’t recognize DVD drive?

Before you jump to the conclusion that it’s a hardware problem which needs your DVD drive to be replaced, here’s a fix you can try first.

Try the troubleshoot option by searching for it. Do it by clicking on the Windows search button and typing troubleshoot

Head to where it says Fix other problems and then choose Hardware and devices then choose Fix problems with devices in hardware.

Run Troubleshooter

Then run the Troubleshooter. You would have to be patient with this because it will take a few minutes.

After the scanning is complete, Windows will remind you to Restart your PC to finish installimng drivers and updates.

When you see this screen, choose Apply this fix.

Another screen will appear saying Windows is detecting additional problems.

Once the detection is done, you’ll get a message saying Problems found, if there are any.

Windows will then prompt you to restart your PC.

If after restarting your computer, the issue isn’t solved, you should restart your PC.

Try Device Manager

Then head to Device Manager

Then choose DVD/CD-ROM drives.

Choose your DVD drive, right click on it and update the driver.

Then choose for search automatically for drivers.

Most likely you’ll get a message saying an updated driver is already installed.

In most instances that should get your DVD drive fixed, if it doesn’t, then watch the video below for advanced steps for Windows 10 won’t recognize your DVD drive.

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