Do you face issues like jerky playback, visual artifacts or lockups with your MP4 video?nIf you do, chances are your video is corrupt.

If it’s a commercial video, you could just go out and get yourself another copy.  What if it’s a personal video shot on your camera and you have only one version of it?

Definitely, you would want to find a way to fix it and get a ‘clean’ version of it.

Causes of Corrupted Video Files

If you’re wondering how your video file got corrupted in the first place,  here are some possible reasons:

  • The video could have been recorded on a memory card when it was full
  • Corruption could have occurred when the video copying from one storage to another was interrupted.
  • If the storage media containing the video file has bad sectors or a virus infection then the video may end up corrupt.
  • In some cases, changing of file format of video from one to another can also result in a corrupted file.

As far as possible try to avoid the above situations if you don’t want to end up with a corrupted video file in future.

Solution to Fix Corrupted MP4 File

So, what’s the solution to a corrupted MP4 file?

Worry not as there are software programs that can repair your corrupted MP4 video files. You also don’t have to worry about forking out a huge sum of money to obtain them as they come free

Here are the top Free  MP4 video repair Software programs  you can check out to get your corrupted MP4 clip(s) fixed.

Digital Video Repair
This software has been around for years and is popularly known as rising research digital video repair software.

One notable advantage of this digital video repair program is its ability to repair partially downloaded MP4 clips.

Does your MP4 video freeze after playing for a few seconds? Digital Video Repair freeware can fix that.

Or if you have problem fast forwarding your MP4 video file, this handy free program can take care of that, too.

Digital Video Repair is a 1MB download for Windows available as an exe or zip file from Rising Research.

 Repair Video Master
 Repair Video Master which has been around since 2011 claims to repair  all kinds of video files ranging from WMV, RMVB and even audio files like AC3. And of course MP4.

Among the issues this video repair tool can fix files that can’t be completely copied from a CD or DVD. Also files that freeze during playback and files that have fastforwarding and rewinding problems.

Top MP4 Video Repair Tool Software

This is actually paid software but you can try it out for 15 days free to fix your partly damaged or corrupted MP4 files.

The only limitation to the free version is it doesn’t support batch file reepair. You can only repair one file at a time. It is a 1.79MB download available at Repair Video Inc

DivFix ++
DivFix++ Video repair program that boasts over a million downloads. Apart from repairing damaged video files, it also acts as a video clip previewer. It can handle a file size of over 2GB. DivFix++ relies on donations to support its development

Top MP4 Video Repair Program Software Tool

The video repair program can be downloaded at the DivFix++ Official Site.  It is available for the Windows, Linux and Mac platforms

Video Repair Software
This program with a generic-sounding name repairs more than MP4 files. It also fixes corrupted MOV, MP4, 3GP and M4V files, among others.

Other than that, it fixes video files that don’t play on Windows Media Player or Quicktime Player, not to mention repairing  videos not finalised in the camera.

The video repair tool is not entirely free. The developer allows you to fix only 50% of your corrupted video for free.

However, there’s a workaround to this shortfall. Check out the useful video below to see how it’s done..

You’re invited to try out these MP4 digital video repair software. However, exercise caution when downloading and installing them. Scan each with your anti-virus program. Always select custom install whereby you have the option not to install other third party programs bundled with them.

Selecting express install may invite the risk of installing external problems with malware and such.

Good luck with your video file repair and hope you get it working again.