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YouTube TV Explained

YouTube TV Explained

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:34 am

Cable TV used to be king. These days, however, it doesn’t seem to be ruling the roost.

A cheaper version and more convenient is making its grand entrance.

Experts expect IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) (aka take-your-tv-shows-anywhere) to dethrone cable TV in the near future.

Still, IPTV has its limitations. Apart from requiring a high-speed Internet connection, you can’t get to watch the juicier live TV shows offered by cable services.

This is where YouTube TV comes in.

With YouTube TV live TV popular cable channels are available minus the need for special equipment as you shall see in this quick YouTube TV Explained guide.

YouTube TV vs YouTube Premium

Please don’t confuse YouTube TV with YouTube Premium.

The latter allows you to watch YouTube without ads. Among others, you can have videos playing in the background while you use other applications.

YouTube Premium doesn’t allow you to watch live TV channels, however.

If you would like to view your favorite TV channels like FOX, ESPN, NBC, and others, YouTube TV is ready to offer you that option.

YouTube TV Premium Channels

But then be reminded that you’ll not get all the live TV channels. Some channels come in as add-ons for a small additional monthly fee.

Check whether your favorite channels are on the list of YouTube TV before you proceed.

Cloud DVR: Unlimited Storage Space

If you’re rueing the fact that you’ll have to do without a DVR, stay calm. A subscription to YouTube TV comes with a DVR, but it’s in the cloud.

The main advantage is you could watch these shows on the go, wherever you’re, wherever there’s an Internet connection.

Cloud also means you’ll save the hassle of fiddling around with the various buttons of a physical DVR.

Equipment Needed to Watch YouTube TV

Do you need a cable box or some special equipment installation to watch YouTube TV?

No. All you need is the YouTube TV app and an Internet connection.

Since it’s an app, it could be installed on your smartphone, too.

You can also watch it on your computer via the YouTube TV website, of course.


YouTube TV is compatible with Apple TV. Android TV. Roku and even Chromecast.

That gives you the flexibility of enjoying the service over a wide range of devices.

Why Pay More When You Have Internet?

Chances are every home is already paying for an Internet connection. Why pay extra for cable television when you could leverage your Internet connection with a few additional dollars and get YouTube TV to watch what you want?

Anyway, before taking the plunge, compare what YouTube TV has to offer with that of your cable TV.

Better still take the free trial to help make up your mind.

Then decide whether you’re ready to cut the cord.


At the time of writing a YouTube TV package starts from USD 50. Increased from USD 40 effective April 2019.

Live TV from over seventy channels is offered.

Currently, YouTube TV is available nationwide in the USA.

Unlimited recording space (cloud) is provided. You can store your recordings up to 9 months.

There are up to 6 accounts to share with your family. Each account holder is allowed separate unlimited storage space on the DVR cloud.

What this means is up to 6 people can be watching 6 different shows at the same time via different devices.

The best part is there is no contractual obligation to worry about. You can cancel your subscription at any time you want.

Check out the official YouTube TV website for the latest details.

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