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How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View Without Ads?

How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View Without Ads

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:18 am

One of the easiest ways to generate income through YouTube is to have visitors view ads on your videos.

When they do this, you get a share of the revenue YouTube earns from advertisers.

Of course your channel must be monetized and you must have been accepted into the YouTube Partner Program.

The more ads visitors to channel view, the more your earnings will be.

Still, not every visitor will view the ads displayed on your videos.

Ad Blocking

Many YouTube users, to have a better viewing experience, use ad blockers to prevent YouTube from showing ads on videos.

When they do this, no ads are shown and you don’t make money.

There’s nothing you or YouTube can do about this.

Skipping Ads

People don’t go to YouTube to view ads. Ads are annoying to people for the most part.

Say you go to YouTube to watch a tutorial on how to fix a computer problem. Before you even get started with the tutorial, an ad pops up.

What do you do? You close the ad.

Then halfway through the Tutorial as you’re about to learn the solution, another ad pops up. Again you close it.

So, it could safely be said that very few watch ads on YouTube. When this is so, one shouldn’t expect high earnings from YouTube ads.

So, the only way left for you to earn is through views without ads.

But then how much does YouTube pay per view without ads.

There’s no such thing as earning revenue without ads. Viewers will still have to watch ads for some seconds before they’re allowed to skip them.

So, even if you think you’re not earning from YouTube ads you actually do.

What Counts as a View?

You would have seen videos with thousands or hundreds of thousands of views. Say a video is 10 minutes long.

Does a visitor have to watch the entire duration of the video for YouTube to register it as a view?

No, for YouTube a watch time of 30 seconds counts as a view.

So, now that you know what counts as a view, you don’t necessarily have to be impressed with channels with hundreds of thousands of views.

No Fixed Amount

There isn’t a single fixed rate for a single view or even a thousand views.

Here are among the factors that decide how much you will earn.


How much you earn depends on the niche you’re in. If you’re in a competitive niche (from the advertiser’s point of view), you’ll earn more.

High-paying niches include real estate, insurance, finance/investing, and digital marketing, among others.

For example, this is a tech niche channel. It earned $3.42 in the last 28 days. That’s $0.00506 per view.

Compare this with a cooking niche. For about the same number of views, the earnings are $0.91.


Your revenue will also depend on the geography of your views. For example, views coming from the USA will pay higher than that coming from Malaysia, for instance.

USA traffic certainly makes a difference when it comes to earnings.

Traffic from Malaysia brings a lower revenue.

Let’s see this in relation to the 2 channels in the screenshots.

Specialized and Common Niches

If you’re in a common niche where there are a countless number of channels, you’re going to have a tougher time ranking and attracting views.

For example, a cooking channel can be much more easily started. At least, one person from a household would have this skill.

Anyone can start a cooking channel without much thought. The same isn’t the case with a tech channel.

Starting a channel on a common niche would most probably attract local views, which isn’t going to pay much. Unless you’re in a top-paying country.

How to Earn More for YouTube Views

As you’ve seen above, the niche you choose has a bearing on your earnings.

As far as possible, choose a specialized niche to minimize competition.

Second, choose a niche that attracts international traffic. Niches that attract international traffic include tech and gadgets, making money online and educational videos (tutorials), in general.

You would have to do your research to find a profitable niche you’re passionate about.

Publish Videos Regularly

Whether you’re in a profitable niche or not, you should create and upload videos regularly.

Success on YouTube is largely a numbers game. If your videos aren’t attracting that many views, then you would have to keep uploading more videos.

A couple of views here and there would add up. Also, the number of views will increase as more and more visitors discover your channel and your videos.

So, instead of wondering how much YouTube pays per view, choose a profitable niche with international interest and upload videos regularly.

Before long, you’ll see a decent income from your YouTube channel.

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