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YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners On a Low Budget Who Want to Make Money

YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:31 am

Anyone with a Gmail account or without one can open a YouTube channel within minutes.

With a single email account, you can open any number of channels you want.

You can upload any type of video. For example, you may upload cooking videos, travel videos, or pet videos all in a single channel.

If you’re doing this, you would mostly be uploading videos to YouTube for your own pleasure and for sharing them with friends and family.

But then YouTube is not a place where folks upload videos just for fun. It’s also a place where some people use to earn money.

If you’re one of those just starting out with the aim of making money on Youtube, you can’t just upload any random video according to your whim and fancy. Unless you’re a world-class celebrity.

Find a Channel Subject or Theme

You need a strong channel subject or theme people can identify with.

Finding a channel idea is not always easy. You can’t just start with a subject you’re passionate about. It should also attract a following on YouTube.

With that in mind, here are some YouTube channel Ideas for beginners that have the potential of making you money.

There are many YouTube Channel ideas out there. Some great ones will involve time and expense.

But if you’re a solo YouTuber, you would have to narrow down your choices to suit your ability and resources.

You can make YouTube videos without talking or showing your face. Many have done so and are making good money on YouTube.

Here then are some YouTube channel ideas for beginners. Studies have shown that they certainly have viewership potential. Hopefully, these ideas intersect with your interest(s).

How-To Videos

You can get started with these types of videos immediately. You must have a skill or two you’re well-known for.

What you know may not impress you. But there are many others out there who haven’t reached your skill level. They would need your guidance.

How-to is one of the best YouTube channel ideas for beginners as you can do a how-to video on any subject. The focus will be to get viewers to do something which they couldn’t before viewing your video.

Better still, if you can do software-related, how-to videos. You don’t need a camera and you don’t even need to show your face or talk. All you need is a screen recording program. You can add captions to explain things.

Don’t worry that there are hundreds or thousands of videos already covering a topic you have in mind.

Not all of them are good. Some teach too fast, some are long-winded, some skip important parts, and so on.

Try to address these shortcomings when you create your own video. If you’re wondering how to go about creating a video, slant it at complete beginners. There aren’t many such videos out there. Many creators make videos for people at their level, assuming viewers know the basics they do.

Here’s an example of such a software how-to video you can create without talking or showing your face.

Product Reviews

Do you often buy a certain type of products say, cameras, computer accessories, or gadgets?

If so, you can do reviews based on your experience of using them. If you’re just starting out, you don’t have to go out and buy products just for the sake of reviewing them.

You can start with whatever products you have. Never mind if you consider your products to be old. Over YouTube, there are good numbers of ‘vintage’ products being reviewed. People still want to know about them.

So, review the products you’ve used and know well. Product reviews should not necessarily be limited to physical products. They apply to digital ones as well. If you’ve bought software and other forms of digital content like videos, ebooks, or audio, you can review them as well.

There’s an opportunity to make money as well, through product reviews. You can include affiliate links in your description box. YouTube has no problem with that.

Reviews are an ever-popular subject whether as text posts or videos. So, if you’re fond of talking about the products you buy, go for it.

Top Lists/ Listicles

This is a roundup of the best items in a category of products, places, or people. Just about any subject can be turned into a Top 5 or Top 10 list. People love this kind of content, as is evident in blog posts.

Some of them already have their own top list. Still, they like to look at other lists, just to make sure they haven’t overlooked anything important.

If you’re knowledgeable about a certain product category, then you can easily compile a top 5 or top 10 list video. Know a town like the back of your hand? Compile a top 10 ten list on various aspects of it.

No, you don’t have to personally buy or own the products or items or visited the places you include in the list. It’s enough that you understand the subject and have explored it in depth.

You’re not sharing your personal experience of the items you list. You’re just sharing useful information you’ve discovered. This makes it one of the top Youtube channel ideas for beginners.

A Top 5 or Top 10 list video is much easier to do than a product review video. You don’t have to show your face or talk.


To some comedy comes naturally. Do you have the knack for making people laugh? Have you acted in a comedy show and done stand-up comedy. Or do you see humor in common everyday subjects?

If you do and don’t mind facing the camera, you can do parodies on subjects that resonate with the general public.

Comedy is a hot niche on YouTube. However, you would need talent and acting skills to pull it off.

Partner with someone else to do comedy skits or do your own stuff like the one below.

Commentary Video

This will involve you commenting on a hot current issue. You don’t have to be a celebrity or an expert to make this kind of video.

All you have to offer is your two cents on the issue. Everyone has her two cents on any issue, right?

This is one of the easiest video ideas for a YouTube channel but then it’s not only talking about how you feel about the issue. You also have to provide context to it. You’ve to mention the background to the issue – how it all started and so on. This would be useful to those who have just heard about the issue.

You’ll also have to offer little-known facts about the issue, which you have discovered, maybe from authoritative sources.

You need a hook in the title. Will the X plan work or backfire? Why X party is wrong about the Y incident/event etc.

Viewers will judge you by the comprehensiveness of your insights. This will determine whether viewers will return to watch your subsequent videos.

If you’re passionate about following current events and trends that affect the general public, then have a go for it.

Reaction Video

This is similar to the Commentary-type video. However, it would be limited to expressing your thoughts on a positive or negative trend in your niche.

Say you run an Internet marketing Channel. One of the subjects you cover is affiliate marketing.

Recently Amazon slashed the commission of affiliates. There’s much disquiet about it among affiliate marketers. Create a video talking about whether Amazon is justified in doing this. You may want to go further and offer alternatives to the Amazon Associates program.

To be able to produce good reaction videos, you should always keep your finger on the pulse of your niche and watch closely shifting trends.

Q & A Videos

What are the questions in your niche that never get answered or never get answered well?

Compile a list of them and start providing solid answers. Watch other Q & A Youtube videos in your niche. Note which questions are answered superficially.

Better still devote an entire video to a single question. It’s a good way to show off your expertise.

Can’t think of what questions to answer. Visit forums. Check out the People Also Ask section in Google Search.

Q&A videos are easy to get started with. You don’t have to talk and even show your face if you don’t want to.

You can do a slideshow video of questions and answers to get started.


Interviews are a no-brainer. This is just like a Q&A video. Only that it’s longer and you involve an expert or authority in it.

Now, expert here doesn’t mean you’ve to get professors or professionals to talk about a subject. Our definition of an expert is a person who knows what you or the rest of the world don’t.

Everyone is an expert on something. Most of them are willing to talk about their expertise or about what they know.

Interviews can revolve around a single person or a group of individuals. Prepare your questions in advance and you may even want to send them to the interviewee(s) to give them enough food for thought before the shooting.

This is one of the easiest YouTube channel ideas for beginners. You can get started with a smartphone and a clip mic.

The video below shows you can go out and interview just about anyone.

Video Blog (Vlog)

If you think you have got a personality and folks will be interested in your daily activities, you can start a video blog channel. In short, you’ll be running a vlogging channel.

Your tone has to be casual and engaging. You’re not creating a documentary. Or you don’t have to talk at all, as the video below shows.

You can choose a favorite activity of yours. It could be shopping, travel, or antique hunting, and so on. Viewers must get some value out of it – learning tips, getting to see places, or a perspective on issues surrounding their lives.

Watch some popular vlogs to learn how they present their material.

Depending on your vlog subject, it’s best if you get out of your home studio when you’re vlogging. Let’s say you’re doing a walking tour of the neighborhood. Do everything outdoors, including introducing the place and so on.

You can just do a personal vlog where you may want to combine random subjects or focus on a specific niche.

The vlog below doesn’t involve talking but depicts a series of scenes in a person’s life. It makes one of the easiest video ideas for a YouTube channel.

Educational Videos

Any one of the abovementioned videos may be educational. Viewers get to learn something useful.

The educational videos we’re talking about here are fact-based videos. These are evergreen videos that will stay relevant for years to come.

This is one of the many workable video ideas for a YouTube channel if you’ve studied a subject in-depth and are passionate about it.

In short, they take an academic slant, but in an interesting and engaging way.

You can take a complex subject and break it down into easy-to-understand parts. Or you can do explainer videos which factually explain something quickly.

You would have seen many videos explaining the health benefits of a particular fruit or vegetable. Or explain what HDMI is. Get the idea?

You can make educational videos out of any niche, explaining terms, theories, and processes in an interesting manner. But you got to stick to the facts.

Or you can simply do quiz videos like the one below.

These YouTube channel ideas for beginners would have given you enough food for thought. It’s time to sit down and start planning your YouTube channel.

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