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How to Create a YouTube Auto Subscribe Link to Increase Your Subscribers

Create YouTube auto-subscribe link

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:17 am

Here’s how to Create a Quick and Easy Auto-Subscribe Link for Your YouTube Channel”

Are you worried about the subscriber count on your YouTube channel?

You may not be the only one. Some channels have thousands of visitors watching their videos.

Comments are encouraging, too. However, the subscriber count seems not to be on the rise.

If you’re a new channel owner, subscriber count is important especially if you’re looking forward to monetizing your channel.

YouTube requires that you have at least a thousand subscribers and 4000 watch hours before you’re accepted into the YouTube Partner Program.

There are many ways to get visitors to subscribe to your channel. Most YouTubers remind you to subscribe, mentioning it a few times in their videos.

If that doesn’t quite produce results for you, then you can try the following YouTube auto-subscription hack.

YouTube Auto-Subscribe Hack

To create a YouTube auto-subscribe link to your channel, all you need is to add a URL modifier to your YouTube channel address (URL).

The URL modifier is ?sub_confirmation=1. 

So, if your channel address is, your YouTube channel auto-subscribe link will be

When a visitor clicks on the link, there will be a pop-up box like the one shown below.

You can easily insert the link into any anchor text: Subscribe to Find Out Tech on YouTube.

You may use anchor text to hide the long YouTube auto-subscribe URL.

What if you’re sharing it through other channels like WhatsApp or social media?

You certainly don’t want to display a long URL that looks unsightly.

You want a short and snappy URL.

For that purpose, you would want to use a URL shortener.

If you’re sharing it on social media, you may want to use a URL shortener like this –

Don’t want to create an auto-subscribe link manually? Then you may use a free online YouTube auto-subscribe link generator.

They are easy to use. You can generate a subscription link within seconds with any of the tools listed below.


A service you can use is available at Oflox.

All you have to do is copy and paste your YouTube channel address and the generator will do the rest of the work for you.


Entendy is another free click-to-subscribe YouTube link generator.

Brainy Techz

Brainy Techz, too, offers an easy-to-use subscription link generator.

Just copy and paste your channel URL and create your auto-subscribe code.

Next copy the code and use it in whatever manner you please.

It’s not guaranteed that a Youtube auto-subscribe link will increase your channel subscriber count.

However, it increases the chances of visitors subscribing to your channel.

Most visitors don’t naturally click the available subscribe button on a channel.

However, when prompted to do so, they may just subscribe just because they’re invited to do so.

What is a YouTube subscription link without confirmation? It’s a link that, when clicked, automatically adds a user to your channel.

Is it possible to create such a link?

No, it isn’t. Such a link isn’t authorized by YouTube. At best, it’s unethical. You’re forcing or tricking a visitor into subscribing to your channel.

The only way a visitor can automatically subscribe to your channel is by encouraging visitors to click on the Subscribe button on the YouTube page.

How Do You Create an Auto-Subscribe Link for Mobile?

Just follow the methods above that are used with desktop computers. There aren’t any special ways for mobile devices.

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