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What Should You Do with Your Old Family VHS Tapes?

What to do with your old family VHS tapes

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:18 am

The camcorder revolution of the 1980s left many precious memories on tape.

This would include birthday parties, weddings, and family holidays, among others.

Then computers became affordable and came with the ability to digitize these tapes.

Tapes got converted to DVDs and digital files.

Those who weren’t computer savvy enlisted the many mushrooming tapes to DVD or digital services.

Then when the DVD revolution went into full swing, VHS took a backseat. VHS players and related accessories were no longer in production.

Nearly every other household was a DVD convert, turning their backs on VHS.

The VHS age may be dead, but during its reign for over two decades, it left hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of VHS tapes in households.

Why Dispose of Your Old Family VHS Tapes

Here are among the reasons you may want to let go of your VHS tapes.

  • Your tapes have been digitized and they’re now taking up storage space.
  • They are in a bad condition (damaged) and are unplayable
  • You have made fresh copies and have no need for them.
  • You no longer have a functioning VCR and don’t wish to buy a replacement

That said, here are some of the things you can do with your unneeded old family VHS tapes.

Dumping is Not an Option

The first thought that may pop up is just to dump them in a landfill or set them on fire.

If you’re entertaining such thoughts, banish them, pronto. VHS tapes should be properly disposed of. Otherwise, they may cause health and environmental issues.

That said, here are some of the things you can do with your old family VHS tapes if you have digitized them already.

Give Tapes Away to Family Members

If you have digitized your family VHS tapes, you may give them away to family members. They would love to have them, especially if they feature in the tapes.

Of course, these family members must already have VHS players. Otherwise, it won’t make sense to gift them with the tapes.

Selling Your VHS Tapes

What? Selling your family VHS tapes? That sounds nonsensical, doesn’t it? Why would you want your private memories to fall into the hands of strangers?

At any rate, why would anyone be interested in your family VHS tapes? Unless of course, you’re a celebrity.

Are your family VHS tapes in good condition? Are they high-quality tapes? Then erase them and sell them as blank tapes.

Do this if you have plenty of time on your hands and have at least a few VCRs.

Watch the video below to learn how to erase your VHS tapes.

Upcycle or Repurpose Your Tapes

If you’re the creative type you may want to give new life to your VHS tapes. Turn them into crafts or other usable items.

You may even make a table out of your old family VHS tapes. Watch the video below to see how it’s done.

Keep Birds at Bay

Are you putting up with bird nuisance in your garden? Your old VHS tapes may come to the rescue. Create a chain of the cassettes and hang them between tall poles,

When sunlight is reflected on them the birds don’t want to be nearby. When the wind blows the tapes rattle and scare birds away.

Send to Recycling Centre

The downside of dumping your VHS tapes has been explained earlier.

So, you may want to send your collection over to a recycling center in your neighborhood. First, you may want to check whether they accept tapes.

Some recycling centers are picky about what they accept. Especially tapes, as they contain chemicals.

Try Greendisk

Greendisk accepts e-waste or techno trash. If you care for the environment and have the cash to spare use their service.

You would have to ship your VHS tapes via their Technotrash Pack-IT Service.

They also sell recycled products, in case you want to support their efforts to protect the environment.

The above are some ideas on what you should do with your old family VHS tapes.

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