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What is the OGG Video Format? How do You Play an OGV File?

OGG Introduction

OGG is a multimedia container format. It’s an open source format, free to be used by anyone without licensing and royalty fees.

The format is developed by the Xiph Org Foundation.

Ogg is derived from the word “ogging” as used in the computer game Netrek.

It means doing something committedly, without worrying about future risks.

OGG Extensions

Ogg Audio

Ogg audio has the following extensions – .oga, .ogg and .spx. Ogg audio uses the Ogg Vorbis compression.

Thus audio files in the OGG container are referred to as Ogg Vorbis. Vorbis is the audio codec.

OGG Video (OGV)

Ogg video format has the .ogv extension. Any video file saved in the OGG container format is known as an OGV file.

An OGV file is a video stream with or without audio. It can also include text.

OGV files are often used to play a web page video, employing the HTML<video>tag.

Although OGV has the .ogv extension, in the HTML source code, the .ogg extension is used .

Codecs used with Ogg video include Theora and Divac.

An Ogg video file is not associated with Vorbis like an Ogg audio file.

Theora Compression Format

The free Theora lossy compression format is a versatile one. It has the ability to scale a video from the size of a postage stamp right up to the resolution of high definition (HD) video.

How to Play an OGV File

Windows media player doesn’t support the playback of an OGV file.

However, free media players like VLC, Media Player Classic with K-Lite Codec Pack, KMPlayer, J.River Media Center and Totem offer support for OGV files.

If you’re unable to play an OGV file with your existing media player, you can do well to convert it to a universal format like MP4. Most video converters support the input of an OGV file.

Depending on your OGV file size, you can use a free online video converter to easily convert an OGV file to MP4 if you’ve no existing video converter installed in your computer.

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