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What is the ASF Video Format and How Do I Play It?

ASF Video Format

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:33 am

ASF is known as Advanced Systems Format.

Developed by Microsoft, it’s a little-known format mainly because it’s used for video and audio streaming.

ASF is a container format which apart from storing audio and video data can also support the storing of other content like title, description and so on. For example, JPEG slides can be embedded into an ASF stream.

ASF has the capability of carrying multiple audio and video tracks. This includes the ability to store audio in multiple languages.

ASF’s ‘Intelligent Streaming’

There’s this facility within the container called ‘Intelligent Streaming’. It allows for bitrate switching to allow flexibility based on the receptor medium.

For example, on a slower Internet connection, a lower bitrate would be used.

How Do I Play an ASF Video?

The easiest way to play an ASF video is through the Windows Media Player which comes with your Windows operating system.

If you don’t have that option you can use the VLC Media Player which requires little introduction. Not only is it free, it can play almost any video format throw at it.

If you’ve one installed in your computer, then you’ll re quire no other media player.

How Do I Open an ASF File with VLC?

As mentioned above, VLC is one free media player that can open an ASF file.

Just click on the Media menu and then choose Open file and navigate to the folder where your ASF file is.

Next double click on your ASF file and the video will start playing.

How Do I Convert ASF to MP4?

Online ASF to MP4 Converter

You can easily convert ASF to MP4 offline or online. If you have a small file size and a single file to convert, you don’t have to go through the hassle of installing a software program.

The are many online video converters which will convert ASF to MP4. One such free service is

Software ASF to MP4 Converter

There are many free software converters out there which you could install into your computer.

However, you don’t necessarily have to install them if you have the VLC Media Player in your system.

With it you can convert ASF to MP4. Go to Media = Convert Save- Add Your File and then convert to your preferred MP4 format.

This has been a quick post meant to give you an understanding of the ASF video format.

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