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What is a Premium HDMI Certified Cable? Do You Need One to Watch 4K Video?

Premium HDMI Certified Cable

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:33 am

As you go shopping for a quality HDMI cable for your 4K-enabled device, you might have come across Premium HDMI Certified Cables. You may have noticed some of their hard-to-miss labels which have two main parts.

The Two-Part HDMI Premium Certified Cable Sticker

The first part says HDMI Premium Certified Cable – this label is proof that the cable has been tested under the Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program.

The second part is a secure QR code which contains encrypted data that identifies it as Premium Certified. You can confirm this by using the Premium HDMI Cable app.

The ‘Fingerprint’ Hologram

The confirmation just doesn’t end with the QR code. Within it is a ‘fingerprint’, a hologram consisting of random elements to ensure the product is an authentic HDMI Premium Certified Cable.
This, too, can be detected by the mobile Premium HDMI Cable app

On scanning the QR code, you’ll get the following message: Congratulations You just scanned a Premium HDMI Certified Cable. The cable brand, type – for example, High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet and the length of the cable will be provided.

What’s Special About the HDMI Premium Certified Cable?

So, what’s special about the Premium HDMI Certified Cables?
Well, are certified to be able to support the 18Gbps bandwidth as stated in HDMI 2.0b specification.

The cables are also certified to reduce interference from other wireless signals.

The whole idea is to give the consumer the confidence that they are not buying a counterfeit HDMI cable for their 4K or Ultra HD devices and ensure comparability with such features as 4K/60Hz, BT.2020 and HDR.

Fair enough. Are HDMI cables that are not Premium Certfied considered counterfeit.

No, according to experts.

Do You Need a HDMI Premium Certified Cable for Your 4K TV?

If you already have a high-speed HDMI cable (Category 2) which you’ve successfully used with your Full HD 1080p devices, then you don’t have to worry about getting a Premium Certfied HDMI cable, especially of you’re connecting your devices within normal distances.

Let it be known that a Premium Certified HDMI cable has no effect on the quality of your video. You don’t get superior picture just by using a premium certified cable . There’ll be no change in the video quality.

Unless you have cash to splash and want to enjoying the ‘good feeling’ of owning an expensive, endorsed cable, you can make do with your existing high-speed HDMI cable.

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