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How to Watch Private Videos in a YouTube Playlist – Email Script to Get Access Included

How to Watch Private Videos in a YouTube Playlist

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:18 am

Sometimes you come across a good playlist on YouTube.

But then some of the videos are unavailable and hidden.

This is frustrating, especially if they are part of an interconnecting series.

What do unavailable, hidden videos mean?

It means the channel owner has made the videos private.

How Do You Watch the Private Videos in the Playlist?

There’s no way to watch a private video on YouTube unless the owner gives you access.

So, how do you get access from the owner?

You would have to write to him an email and ask for access.

You can usually find the channel owner’s email address in the About section of his YouTube channel home page.

When writing in, be sure to use the email address associated with your YouTube channel.

If the channel owner grants you access, he’ll do it through your YouTube channel email.

What should you say in your email? You may watch the video below for guidance on what to write.

How Do You Know You’re Granted Permission to View the Private Videos

Well, you have to check your email. This may take some time. You’ve to be patient.

When the channel owner grants you permission, YouTube sends you an email.

When you get this email, it means the channel owner has granted you access to the private video(s).

Log in to Your YouTube Account

You can watch public videos in a YouTube playlist without signing in to your account.

However, if you want to access private videos, you would have to log in to your account.

It must be through the email login through which you received permission from the owner.

If you used to request access to the private videos, you must use the same email address to log in to your YouTube video.

Watch the Private Videos After Logging in to the Account

After logging in to your account just refresh the playlist. You’ll get to see the unavailable, hidden videos.

As shown below, you get to watch the private videos in the playlist.

That’s how you’ll get to watch private videos in a YouTube playlist

Watch the video below for more detailed steps on how to watch private videos in a YouTube playlist.

Included in the video is a sample email script you can send the channel owner to get access to private videos in a playlist.

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