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Videos Not Ranking Well? Get them on the First Page of Google and YouTube in Minutes with Videly

Videly Review

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:18 am

It’s not surprising that more and more businesses are using video marketing to stay ahead of the competition.

Video has proven to:

  • increase conversion and sales
  • boost ROI (Return on Investment)
  • foster trust
  • improve search engine rankings
  • attract mobile users
  • simply explain complex subjects
  • encourage social media sharing
  • grab the attention of even reluctant buyers

Creating videos is a challenge but much more challenging is getting them noticed in a crowded, competitive niche.

Many showcase their videos on YouTube. It’s the largest and most popular video-sharing site in the world.

In 2021, it had a daily visitor count of over 122 million.  It’s no secret that billions of hours of videos are watched every day.

Businesses are trying hard to leverage this traffic goldmine.

But ranking over YouTube is anything but easy. More often than not, the keyword phrase you’re targetting is taken up and dominated by your competitors. Sounds familiar?

This Videly review will reveal how you can rank on YouTube and Google for keywords the big boys aren’t aware of yet.

Problem Get Your Videos Noticed?

Businesses have resorted to various methods to get their videos noticed.

The first method is by getting backlinks, hoping this will improve visibility. This, however, is time-consuming and doesn’t provide a good return on time and effort investment.

The second method is running ads. This is costly and doesn’t guarantee engagement with the video.

Another method is writing text content on your website to promote your videos. This is anything but easy. There are thousands of others who dominate the keywords you’re targetting. Competition is pretty stiff on Google search.

So, what’s the solution?

Instead of taking your competitors head-on, you target untapped, but profitable keywords. Untapped keywords that your competitors have overlooked or aren’t aware of.

So, how do you find these undiscovered keywords that your target audience is searching for?

The easiest way is to use YouTube keyword research and a ranking tool like Videly.

What is Videly?

Videly is a video marketing automation tool that helps your videos rank on YouTube and Google.

It does this by helping you discover untapped keywords through its Keyword research module.

You enter a seed keyword. Videly suggests a list of long-tail keywords which you can usually rank over Google and YouTube.

Usually, you would want to select a keyword with the highest score and the lowest competition from the results.

If you make a video out of the right untapped keyword the chances of your video ranking on YouTube and Google are greatly increased.

Even if you find it difficult to rank for the keyword on YouTube, you can do so on Google, as explained in this Videly review.

Unfair Google Ranking Advantage

A standout feature of Videly is it uncovers keywords for videos that you can easily rank on Google.

Videos from YouTube are indexed much faster than web pages, which can take days. Videos can be indexed by Google as fast as a minute. Sometimes it can take a little longer. However, you can get your video indexed within hours most of the time.

So if you can’t rank for a keyword through a web page, you may get into the first page of Google through a video.

Once an untapped keyword is suggested to you by Videly, you can check whether there are any videos ranking for it on Google.

If there aren’t, you can quickly create a video around it and try to rank it on the first page of Google.

This is the easiest way to beat your competitors who may have overlooked making a video around the keyword.

Automated Video SEO

Getting an untapped keyword is just the first step. In order for your video to rank on YouTube and Google, you must undertake video SEO.

This would include optimizing your video title, description and tags with the main keyword and related keywords.

Now, if you’re an SEO newbie, you would find it difficult to undertake this task.

With Videly the process is automated as shown below. All you have to do is go to the Video Details panel and enter your keyword.

Our Videly Experiment

As you shall see below, we successfully used Videly to rank a video on the first page of Google and YouTube.

The video was based on an untapped keyword that we didn’t know existed until we used Videly.

We searched for the seed keyword HDMI splitter.

Videly offered long-tail keywords as shown below.

In our case, we made a video out of the keyword HDMI splitter for TV and Soundbar.

We chose this keyword phrase because it had a high score and a low competition.

We then used the long-tail keyword to generate the video details.

We were given a title and description. Tags were also suggested.

We quickly created a video targeting the HDMI splitter for TV and soundbar.

Later we modified the video details offered by Videly as shown below.

However, we used almost all the tags suggested by Videly.

Of course these automated Video SEO details aren’t perfect. However, they save you much time looking for the keywords and tags manually.

This automated process takes a huge load off your shoulders. Instead, of having to write the video details from scratch, we just had to tweak them.

Videly Works

To test whether Videly’s YouTube ranking tool really works, we created a video out of the keyword, HDMI splitter for TV and soundbar.

After publishing the video late at night, we found that there was only one video ranking for the keyword.

The next morning, we searched for the keyword again and found our video ranking at the top.

On YouTube, we found that the video ranked first for the keyword,

You may also want to check out a live demo video to see how Videly can help rank your Youtube videos on the first page of Google in minutes.

So, if you’re having difficulty ranking your videos, save time and energy by using Videly to find untapped keywords and create videos out of them.

It saves you a lot of time and effort you waste creating videos that don’t get noticed.

Check out the cloud-based Videly you can use anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

This is a lifetime deal. It means you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription like other video SEO tools.

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