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VHS Players Still Available for Sale ‘Near Me’: Which Type Should You Choose?

VHS Players for Sale

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:18 am

Looking for a VHS player in these days of HD video may seem laughable.

But then it’s not always so.

The VHS party may be over, but the ‘hangover’ seems to remain. And it will be here to stay, for a while, at least.

Like it or not, you can’t totally dispense with VHS players in these days of 4K video and HD video streaming services.

VHS Movies

You may need VHS players to watch movies or shows from VHS tapes. No, I’m not joking. There are certain shows that are available only on VHS.

Online, VHS movies are still in demand. A search for movies on VHS over Amazon returned a whopping 60K results.

That doesn’t mean new VHS movies are being released. For your information, the last Hollywood movie released on VHS was The History of Violence in 2006.

But then you may not be looking for a VHS player to watch your favorite movies. You may need one to play back tapes containing precious personal memories.

You may even want to go a step further and convert these home movie VHS tapes to digital or DVD before they fall prey to mold attack.

It is to digitize VHS tapes that VHS players are sought-after these days.

Do They Still Make VHS Players?

Before you even look for VHS players for sale, you may ask, “Do they still make VHS players?”

The quick answer is no.

Why? Because there isn’t a market for VHS-related products.

When Did they Stop Making VHS Players?

The last VHS player was released to the market in July 2016. It was manufactured by Japan-based Funai Electric.

After that, it was curtains down for this once-coveted home entertainment equipment which entered the market in 1977.

Funai, a Japan-based company reported a decline in demand for VHS players. It only managed to sell around 750,000 units in 2015.

Its usual sales volume is 15 million units worldwide.

With such low demand, it wasn’t viable to produce VHS players owing to costly parts and difficulty in sourcing for them.

Can You Still Get VHS Players?

Yes, you can still get hold of a VHS player. Not new ones, but used units. If you’re lucky you may find an unopened unit still in the box.

Where Can You Find VHS Players?

You may not find VHS players in your neighborhood thrift stores, but you can certainly find them online.

These are mostly refurbished units serviced by qualified technicians.

Amazon has a good collection of VHS players.

Types of VHS Players

There are different types of VHS players you can buy, depending on your needs.

Here are among the popular types of VHS players for sale.

VHS Player

A VHS player can only play VHS tapes. You can’t record VHS tapes on them. In most instances, a VHS player should be sufficient for your needs.

Unless, of course, you want to dub VHS tapes or record TV programs on them.

It’s not common to find these types of players.

VHS players were common in Asia, often referred to as VCP. It cost cheaper, too, minus the recording function.

It isn’t common in North America though compared to the standard VCR. But there are portable VHS players that only play tapes but don’t record.

Here are some varieties of VHS players for sale ‘near me”.

Standard VHS VCR

This is the most common type of VHS player available for sale online. You can play your tapes and also record from them.

Although you’ll have no use for the recording function, this is the type of VHS player you want to get to convert VHS to DVD or digital.

An example of a standard VHS player is the Sony SLV-N500.

2-Head VHS Players

A 2-head VHS player uses 2-heads to record or play back tapes in Standard Play (SP) mode.

You’ll have problems playing back tapes recorded in LP (Long Play) or EP (Extended Play) mode. This is because in both these modes the tape moves slowly.

So, if you have tapes recorded in LP or EP you would want to get a 4-head VHS player as explained below.

An example of a 2-head VHS player is the Zenith #VRA-211.

4- Head VHS Player

Does a 4-head VHS player offer better quality than a 2-head player? No, according to experts.

But then, as mentioned above, it supports the playback of tapes recorded in LP and EP modes.

An example of a 4-Head VHS Player is the Panasonic PV-9450 4-Head Hi-Fi VCR.

Some 4-head VCRs may offer better quality when shows are taped at a slow speed.

However, 4 heads do make a difference when it comes to VHS special effects.

These aren’t movie special effects where you get to see better explosions and such.

You get better quality video when it comes to picture scanning, ‘freeze frame’ and slow motion.

But then the 4-head advantage varies from unit to unit. So, before you buy a 4-head VHS player, it’s advisable to check the player manual what 4-head advantage it offers.

Also, make it known that 4-head VHS players may actually be 2 heads for video and 2 heads for audio. This usually applies to VHS players with Hi-Fi audio.

So, if you really want to get a 4-head VHS player for video, you would have to get a 6-head VHS player. With such a player, you’ll get 4 heads for video and 2 heads for audio.

Check out some 4-head VHS players for sale.

Portable VHS Players

If space is a concern on your TV cabinet or home studio, you may want to opt for a portable VHS player.

There are two types of portable VHS players – those with built-in screens and those without.

Learn more about portable VHS players.

TV – VHS Player Combo

This is a VHS player built into a portable TV. It saves you save if you’re using it in your room.

It also saves you the trouble of connecting the VHS player to the TV with cables.

Learn more about TV- VHS player combos.

VHS – DVD Player Combo

This is also called a DVD/VCR Combination Player, This is a 2-in-1 unit that allows the playing of VHS tapes and DVDs.

You would want to get this combo player if you have a large collection of VHS tapes and DVDs.

It will save you the trouble of buying two separate players and help save space on your TV cabinet.

An example of the VHS-DVD combo player is the Magnavox MWD2206.

VHS – DVD Recorder

This unit like the VCR -DVD combo plays back VHS tapes and DVDs.

Additionally, it records VHS tapes to DVD.

If you intend to transfer VHS tapes to DVDs without using a computer or a VHS-to-DVD service, this unit is for you.

All you have to do is pop in a VHS tape and blank DVD hit play, and record simultaneously.

Also, check more VHS-DVD recorder units for sale.

VHS-Blu-ray Combo Player

This is a rare combination player, with the two formats miles apart in terms of video resolution.

Currently, there’s only one player of its kind available in the market.

VHS-Blu-ray Combo Player

Learn more about this VHS-Blu-ray combo player.

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