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TV with a VHS Player: TV VCR Combos Still Available for Sale

TV with a VHS Player - Best TV VCR Combos

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:18 am

The VHS revolution is over. But the forerunner to the video-on-demand phenomenon is down, but not out.

Folks are still looking for VHS-related equipment.

VHS players top the list. They are mostly used to watch old home movies and most importantly, as a playback device to convert VHS tapes to DVD or digital.

Another sought-after item is the TV with a VHS player or TV VCR combo.

Used to be popular in the VHS heyday, especially for those who wanted an uncluttered AV cabinet.

It saved you the trouble of having to use cables to connect your VHS player to your TV.

You could also easily carry the unit around, especially if you’re often on the move. What’s more, it’s perfect for retro gaming. Just plug in your game console and play.s

If you don’t want to mess with cables or buy separate TV and VCR units, then a TV with a VHS player would be a perfect fit.

A TV VCR combination unit will also be suitable if you want to watch your VHS tapes in a small room at close quarters.

Disadvantages of a TV with a VHS Player

Compact Size

Screen size is limited to 13 inches or so. So, if you want to watch shows on a big screen, then forget about a TV with a VHS player.

Limited connectivity

You can conveniently use a TV with a VHS player to watch VHS tapes. However, you can’t use the VHS player as a signal source to connect to other devices.

For example, you can’t connect the VCR to a video capture card to digitize your VHS tapes.

You can only record TV shows and watch them on the TV.

Of course, you can record digital TV with a digital to analog TV converter.

The TV VHS player combo will also work via a cable or satellite box’s coaxial port.

These TVs with VHS players come with the V-Chip parental control to prevent the young from viewing mature content.

Mono Audio

Stereo audio isn’t supported. There’s only one RCA jack for audio instead of the usual two.

If you’re interested in a TV with a VHS player combo, take a look at the following models.

TV with a VHS Player for Sale

Toshiba MV13L2 TV/VCR Combo

Item Weight28.6 poundsProduct Dimensions14.5 x 14.3 x 15 inchesItem model numberMV13L2

This TV comes with a 13-inch screen and a two-head VCR.

Weighing 13kg, it also comes with RCA in port, when you want to use the TV screen for gaming and to record video to a VHS tape. You can also input and record a camcorder or DVD video.

You can switch between game and TV modes. Top that with a 181-channel tuner with a sleep timer function and auto clock set.

There’s also an 8-event, one-month programmable timer.

The one-touch recording feature is another highlight. The onscreen display comes in 3 languages – English, Spanish and French.

To ensure optimum picture quality digital auto-tracking is employed,

On the front panel, there’s a headphone jack for private listening.

A user who has purchased this unit noted that the unit lacks control for brightness, sharpness, contrast, color, and backlight.

Still, he mentioned that the picture quality is excellent.

Check out the Toshiba MV13L2 TV with a VHS player.

Panasonic PV-C1343

This 13-inch TV with a VCR player works very much like the Toshiba MV13L2 unit.

Measuring 15.2 x 15.2 x 14.7 inches (W x H x D), the VCR unit is of the 4-head type. There’s also an FM radio feature that comes with auto-tuning.

Recorded a TV program with commercials? The commercial skip feature lets you bypass commercials during playback.

How does this work? The beginning and end of each commercial break are marked. During playback, these points are bypassed. You can skip past three minutes of commercials in about 25 seconds.

This TV VCR combo comes with a sleep timer cum alarm clock with an auto power on/off feature. Not to mention a 24-hour backup memory.

The TV VHS combo also doubles as an alarm clock with the auto power-on feature. A notable feature is the built-in sleep timer which turns off the power after 30, 60, or 90 minutes

You can easily connect a game console or a camcorder to the unit through the front RCA input.

Check out the Panasonic PV-C1343 TV with a VHS player.

Sharp 13VT-L100

This 13-inch TV with a VHS player supports VHS HQ recording.

Purchase of this TV with a VHS player comes with a Movie Bonus Pack, a set of 12 pre-loved classic shows for kids as follows:

  • McGee and Me
  • Mouse Hunt
  • The Secret Garden
  • Rugrats Dr. Tommy Pickles
  • Benji Double Trouble
  • The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley
  • Sea World
  • Logical Ranch
  • Arthur’s Lost Library Book
  • Arthur Goes To Hollywood
  • Arthur Gets Lost
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Other notable features include an auto clock setting, a closed caption system, and digital auto-tracking.

The  Sharp Super Picture feature automatically corrects video for a sharper resolution, minimizing white noise.

The auto clock setting feature resets the VCR clock every 3 hours and works even during a temporary power outage.

Check out the Sharp 13VT-L100 TV VCR combo.

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