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The Best VHS VCR Tape Rewinders to Prevent VCR Head Wear and Tear

VCR tape rewinder

Do you have dozens of tapes to play or convert to digital? If so, many may need rewinding especially if you want to play them from the start.

The obvious solution will be to pop the tape into your VHS player and hit the rewind button.

This is of course convenient. But it is not without its drawbacks.

First of all, you’ll be taxing your video heads. Rewinding a tape is putting your video head to work. You’ll be contributing to its wear and tear.

That would have been okay in the VHS heyday. You can easily run out and buy a VCR for cheap.

But these days VCRs are in short supply as they’re no longer manufactured. Prices and the cost of servicing them aren’t cheap. So, you would want to keep your tape head in good shape.

So, protect your VCR head by using a tape rewinder.

There are other benefits as well, for using a VHS VCR tape rewinder.

Firstly, you can rewind the tape much faster if you use a VCR tape rewinder compared to doing it on your VCR.

If you’re watching a series of tapes, you can get the next tape ready to be played by rewinding it to the start. This saves you time and doesn’t interrupt your enjoyment of a series of shows.

Also rewinding and fast-forwarding your tape often ensure tape longevity. VHS tapes stretch, expand or contract owing to changing temperature and humidity.

So, rewinding or fast-forwarding the tape to one end will ensure an even-tensioned tape.

This ‘exercising’ of the tapes will ensure they last longer, A VCR tape rewinder will help you do a good job.

How Does a VCR Tape Rewinder Work?

Operating a VCR tape rewinder is a no-brainer. Even a kid can do it. And if you’ve dozens of tapes that need rewinding, get a rewinder and give your kids a job to do.

Anyway, it’s easy as popping the tape into the rewinder and hitting the rewind or fast-forward button.

With some VCR tape rewinders, you can also fast-forward a tape. Others are one-way types. You can use them to rewind only.

There are rewinders that will auto-stop a tape when it reaches the end. Some will even eject the tape.

Also, these VCR tape rewinders will not take up much space. They are often just as big as a VHS tape.

Where to Buy a VCR Tape Rewinder

VCR tape rewinders are no longer in production. The golden age of VHS is over. But used tape rewinders are available for sale online.

Here are some VCR tape rewinder buying ideas you may want to consider. Let it be known that as VHS VCR tape rewinders are in short supply you won’t have a choice beyond a one-way tape rewinder in most cases.

RCA VHS Rewinder

This is a one-way rewinder. If you just need to rewind tapes and nothing more, consider this basic unit.

When the tape is rewound to the end, the lid opens automatically.

VHS VCR tape rewinder- RCA

Check out the RCA VHS Rewinder.

Tozai 520 Video Cassette Rewinder

This VHS tape rewinder comes with auto-stop and auto-eject features.

Tozai VHS video cassette rewinder

Check out the Tozai 520 VHS tape rewinder.

Ambico VHS Video Cassette Rewinder

This is a 2-way VHS tape rewinder with auto-stop and auto-eject features.

Ambico VHS tape rewinder

Check out the Ambico VHS Video Cassette Rewinder.

Also, check out other buying options for VCR tape rewinders.

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