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The Best S-VHS-C Camcorders for Sale

Best S-VHS-C camcorders for sale

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:18 am

S-VHS was an improvement on the VHS format.

In terms of video quality, S-VHS is over 60% better than VHS.

VHS has a resolution of 240 lines, whereas S-VHS has a resolution of 400 lines.

It was for this superior video quality that S-VHS became the format of choice for videographers covering events such as weddings.

This was of course before the emergence of MiniDV which offered 500 lines of horizontal resolution.

New S-VHS camcorders are no longer in production. The S-VHS format, like most tape-based formats, is considered obsolete in these days of tapeless HD video.

Still, S-VHS camcorders are in demand. Few may want them for shooting video. However, they serve as a playback device. Especially useful when it comes to converting S-VHS tapes to digital.

There are two types of S-VHS camcorders. The first is of the professional type called S-VHS cameras. The second is of the consumer type, a compact S-VHS version called S-VHS-C camcorders.

What’s the difference between them?

In terms of video quality, there’s no difference. S-VHS-C offers the same 400 lines as S-VHS. The difference between them is the tape size.

An S-VHS-C tape is a miniature version of an S-VHS tape.

S-VHS-C tapes can be played back on an S-VHS VCR through an S-VHS-C adapter.

That said, let’s look at some of the best S-VHS-C camcorders for sale.

S-VHS-C Camcorders for Sale

JVC GR-SXM260U Compact S-VHS Camcorder

This S-VHS-C camcorder comes with a 2.5″ LCD screen and built-in light.

It allows you to record in the Super VHS ET mode. This gives you the highest possible video quality.

It comes with a video stabilization feature that steadies shaky shots.

Optical zoom is at 16x. Digital zoom can go up to 700x.

Other notable features include a digital TBC (Time Base Corrector)and digital CNR (Chroma Noise Reduction) feature.

Check out the JVC GR-SXM260U Compact S-VHS Camcorder.

JVC GR-SXM37U Compact S-VHS Camcorder

This camcorder comes with 25x optical zoom. Hyper digital zoom goes up to a maximum of 1000x.

This 320,000-pixel CCD video camera also comes with a digital TBC (Time Base Corrector)and digital CNR (Chroma Noise Reduction) feature.

Built-in special effects and digital scene transitions are also supported.

Built-in light is available for shooting in low-light conditions.

Check out the JVC GR-SXM37U Compact S-VHS Camcorder.

JVC GR-SXM740U Super VHS-C Camcorder

This camcorder comes with a 3.5-inch LCD screen.

Optical zoom is available up to 16x. Digital zoom is up to 600x.

It comes with a built-in light for night and low-light shooting.

Check out the JVC GR-SXM740U Super VHS-C Camcorder.

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