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Want to Tell a Video Story with Your Mobile Phone? Here’s Instruction and Inspiration for You

 This is an overview of digital videomaking using your telephone, specifically .

This video offers and instruction for those wondering if they could tell a good story with a video shot on their mobile devices.

There’s even a sample of a short movie shot with a mobile camera to give you an idea of the quality of the video you can expect if you’re with a mobile phone.

The presenter, a journalist, also shows how he shot a protest gathering with his iPhone and edited it on the same before uploading it to .  It’s near-broadcast quality.

What’s more, you even get ideas for gears and apps that would come handy for mobile videomaking (iPhone-centric).

PS. You may, if you’re interested, download a free copy of the Storyteller’s Mobile Production Guide by opting in with your email.

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