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Can Standalone Blu-ray Recorders Record DVD?

Standalone Blu-ray Recorder Record DVD

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:31 am

Who Would Need a Standalone Blu-ray Recorder?

You can burn a Blu-ray disc through a computer. It’s not an easy route to take. You have to install a BD writer on your computer. Then you would have to install a BD burning program into your operating system.

If this is a hassle for you, then a standalone Blu-ray recorder is your solution.

A standalone Blu-ray recorder would also be useful if you want to transfer HD video footage from a video camera to a Blu-ray disc.

Can Standalone Blu-ray Recorders Record DVD?

Yes, they can record unprotected DVDs. A standalone Blu-ray recorder is very much like a Blu-ray player. It is backward compatible. It can play and record DVDs.

What Discs Do Standalone Blu-ray Recorders Support?

Standalone Blu-ray recorders support the copying of HD video to single and dual-layer BD-R blank discs. They can also support the burning of video to BD-RE ( erasable ) discs.

As explained above, they can also downconvert HD video to SD video and record them to standard blank DVDs.

How do Standalone Blu-ray Recorders Record on Blank Blu-rays?

They make two types of recordings. They make BDMV discs, which come with menus. They also make BDAV discs that have no menus.

What is the Most Common Type of Blu-ray Recorder Available?

Blu-ray Recorder with Hard Drive

You don’t have to connect a Blu-ray player to a Blu-ray recorder to record discs. This is because a Blu-ray recorder comes with built-in hard disk space.

What is the hard disk drive used for? It has two functions. First, you can use it to copy Blu-ray or DVDs. Remember, they must non-copy-protected discs. You can’t copy a commercial BD or DVD.

How Does a Hard Disk Blu-ray Recorder Copy a Disc?

You insert your source Blu-ray or DVD into the recorder drive. You then input how many discs you want to make. The contents of the original disc are copied to the hard disk and stored there temporarily.

They are then copied to blank Blu-rays or DVDs.

Standalone Blu-ray Recorder Internal Hard Disk to Edit Videos

You can transfer video from your HD camcorder to the Blu-ray recorder. Once your clips are on the hard disk, you can edit them. You can then compile the edited clips into a disc project and burn them to any number of Blu-rays or DVDs.

Is there a Blu-ray Recorder with HDMI Input?

The JVC SR-HD2700US Blu-ray recorder comes with an HDMI input. However, you can’t use it to record from copy-protected sources like commercial Blu-rays/DVDs or cable, satellite, or DVRs.

You can use the Blu-ray recorder with HDMI input to record from your HD camcorder or video camera, though.

Is there a Blu-ray Player Recorder with Wi-Fi?

The Panasonic DMR-BST750 standalone Blu-ray hard disk recorder comes with Wi-Fi connectivity.

This allows you to connect your player to Netflix and Amazon video streaming services. It allows for screen mirroring through Miracast.

Why Aren’t Standalone Blu-ray Recorders Popular?

As you search for standalone Blu-ray recorders, you’ll find that they’re hard to come by.

Why is this? Manufacturers don’t feel that Blu-ray recorders would hit it big in the market. This is due to competing alternatives like Internet streaming and DVRs.

There’s also concern that standalone Blu-ray recorders would encourage piracy. They would also affect commercial Blu-ray sales.

Should You Buy a Standalone Blu-ray Recorder?

A standalone Blu-ray recorder is pricy. It may come with a four-figure price tag. If you’ll be using it to transfer and edit HD videos from your video camera, go for it.

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