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How to Share a Private YouTube Video without Email of the Recipient

Share a Private YouTube Video without Email

A private YouTube video can be shared through email with selected people and exclude the rest of the world from viewing it.

Once you make your video private, there’s an option for you to send an email invitation.

But what if the person you intend to share the video with doesn’t have an email address?

Or it could be that at the time of sharing the video, you can’t recall or find a person’s email and the person is unreachable through telephone.

If that’s so, here are the ways you can share a private YouTube video without the recipient’s email.

Share an Unlisted Video.

An unlisted YouTube video doesn’t require the recipient to have an email address. All the person needs is the video link.

By the way, anyone with an unlisted video link can view the video. They don’t need an email invitation or special permission to view it.

But the thing is you can’t make a YouTube video private and unlisted at the same time.

The video can only be made private or unlisted but not both.

If you don’t want to switch a private video into an unlisted video for fear of it being freely shared, then there’s a way out.

Learn more about the difference between a private YouTube video and an Unlisted YouTube video.

Make Another Copy of the Private Video

Upload another copy of the video to your channel and set the privacy to Unlisted. You may want to use a different thumbnail of the video so that you can differentiate it from the private YouTube video.

Also, it’s a good idea to rename the unlisted video.

As an example, the 2 peacock videos below are the same.

The first one is set as Unlisted and will be shared with the person without the email.

The second one is Private and can be only viewed through email invitation.

Next, click on the pencil icon.

Then copy the link to the video.

You may now share the link through WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram or any other service that allows you to share a YouTube video link.

If you want really want only that person to view the video you can attach a reminder not to share it with anyone.

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