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How to Remove Timestamps from SRT Subtitle File with a Free Tool

Remove Timestamps from SRT Subtitle File

You may have prepared captions in the form of an file to be uploaded to .

An SRT file is very much like a text file, only that it has timestamps on it.

Why Remove Timestamps from SRT?

You may want to use the the text portion of the SRT file for some other purpose – maybe as a basis for an article or for a slide presentation.

Or you may want to study dialogue structure in a movie subtitle file as part of your screenwriting training.

Of course you don’t want the timestamps when you repurpose the SRT file.

Any Free Tool to Remove Timestamps from SRT Files?

If it’s a small SRT file, you can manually delete the timestamps. What if it’s a big file, running into several minutes with timestamps every few seconds.

It would be tedious to remove the timestamps manually. You would certainly wish there was some way you could automate the process.

The good news is you can remove timestamps from SRT files for free

Yes, remove timestamps from SRT easily within a few clicks of the mouse. Here’s a free online tool that can help you do it.


Subtitle Tools is an easy-to-use online service to remove timestamps from SRT file.

All you have to do is upload an SRT file or multiple files and click on the Extract text button as shown below.

You will be given two options. Either view the converted text file or download the text file.

This is the original SRT file.

This is the text file from the converted SRT file with the timestamps removed.

With Subtitle Tools uploading of SRT files and the conversion to text files is pretty fast. You should use this service to remove timestamps from SRT if you’re looking for a fast and reliable online SRT timestamp remover.

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