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How to Choose a Police Body Camera for Private Use: Best Police Body Cameras for Sale

Best Police body cameras for private use

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:17 am

What is a police body camera?

A body camera is one attached to the body to record video.

Body cameras are often used by the police in certain countries. They are used to record video and audio evidence of a police officer’s interaction with members of the public.

This doesn’t mean that a police video camera can only be used by the police.

Since the body camera was first used by the police in the early days, it’s called the police body camera.

The term “police body camera” is now used for any body camera that’s similar to the one used by the police.

Police body cameras are available for sale on the open market. They can be purchased and used by anyone.

In this post, we shall be discussing police body cameras for public use.

How Does a Police Body Camera Work?

A police body camera works much like any other digital camera. The exception is that you don’t hold it in your hands. It’s much like a spy camera. The difference is it’s larger in size.

It comes with a built-in battery. The camera records video and saves it to a built-in storage space.

You can transfer it to your computer for editing through a USB connection.


A police body cam is meant to be worn on the body. It comes with a set of clips. You may attach it to your uniform or to your shoulder.

That said, most body cams also come with a car suction kit to help you attach the camera to your car windscreen.

Police Body Camera Uses

As mentioned, police body cameras are not limited to police, military or government agency use.

The camera can be used for the following purposes.

You may use it to record travel activity.

It can be used by deliverymen to record evidence of delivery.

Sales assistants may also use the cam to record evidence of interactions with customers.

Alternatively, you can attach it to your car to record your driving activity. You may then use the video as evidence in case of an accident or a road rage incident.

What is Included When You Purchase a Police Body Camera?

A typical police body camera comes with the following accessories:

  • USB cable for charging and transferring footage to your computer.
  • Clips to attach the camera to your body.
  • Bracket to attach the camera to your car.
  • A car charger.
  • User manual.

Police Body Camera Features

These are standard features available for standard police body cameras. Specs may vary depending on the model you purchase,

Video and Audio Recording

Common resolutions like 1920 x 1080, 1280×720 and 720×480 are available.

Video is recorded in AVI, but usually, H.264 compression is used.

There’s also a separate button for audio recording.

There will usually be an option to record videos without audio to help you save storage space.

Recording Time

Battery (3200mAh) power can be from 12 to 14 hours.

It takes about 4 to 6 hours to fully charge the battery

A recording is done in 30-minute segments. In other words, a file is created for every 30 minutes of recording.

Storage Capacity

Most body cams support a maximum of 128GB of built-in storage space. The length of the video footage will depend on the video resolution you set.

The higher the resolution you set, the more storage space that will be required.

Still Images

You may also capture still images with the body camera.

Images are captured in JPEG format. Resolution can go up to 4570×8000.

Night Vision Mode

A notable feature of a police body camera is the night vision mode. It allows you to record in darkness. This would be useful if you need to gather video evidence in dimly lit conditions.

White Fill Light

Most of the body cam units also come with white fill lights. They’re useful to light up a dark space.

Personal Protection

For personal protection, there’s an alarm function in some models. Most models also allow you to use a red-blue flashing light if your personal safety is endangered.

Computer Connectivity

You should be able to connect a police body cam to a Windows computer or a Mac.

When connected to a computer using the provided USB cable, the camera will be detected as an external drive.

All the recorded video files will be listed. You may copy them to your computer hard disk or drag and drop them to cloud storage platforms like Google Drive or OneDrive.

Can You Play Back What You Record?

Yes, you don’t have to download the video you recorded to a computer to view it. A police body camera usually comes with a built-in screen to preview your recordings.

Will the Camera Stop Recording if Storage Space is Full?

The camera will continue recording. However, it will delete the oldest file in the storage space.

So, it’s important that you back up your files after every shooting session.

Police Body Camera for Sale

Here are some police body cameras you may want to check out.

BOBLOV KJ23 Body-Mounted Camera

This camera can go up to 1296p in video resolution at 30fps.

Storage space is at a maximum of 128GB.

The clips provided are detachable and rotatable (360 degrees).

Enjoy up to 14 hours of recording on a single charge.

Check out the BOBLOV KJ23 Body-Mounted Camera.

Aolbea Police Body Camera

This police body camera records at a resolution of 1440P.

The wide angle option is up to 140 degrees.

You can easily set up this body cam and use it. It’s light in weight. It’s also compact and comfortable on your body.

The unit is also waterproof and shockproof.

It comes with 64 GB of internal storage space. You also get a 2-inch LCD screen to preview your shots.

Check out the video below for a closer look at the Aolbea police body camera.

Check out the Aolbea Police Body Camera.

CammPro Police Body Camera with Wi-Fi

This body cam records HD video at a resolution of 1440p.

It comes with a built-in storage space of 128GB.

Wi-Fi connectivity is supported as well.

Check out the CammPro Police Body Camera with Wi-Fi.

Other Bestselling Police Body Cameras

Check out the other best sellers in body-mounted cameras.

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