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How to Play a DVD in Windows 10

Play DVD in Windows 10

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:31 am

You may have a DVD of a home movie you want to play to relive old memories.
However, your DVD player isn’t functional. So, you decide to play it over your latest Windows computer.

You have two problems.

First, your windows computer doesn’t come with a DVD drive. Second, you’re not sure what DVD player program you should use to play your DVD.

This article, will help you clear the air over the two issues mentioned above.

Your Computer Doesn’t Come With DVD Drive

This is understandable. There’s very little use for a DVD drive these days. In the past, a DVD drive is needed to install software, read data backed up to disc, and even play back movies.

These days, software comes in a downloadable format. More and more software are cloud-based, too. All you need is an Internet connection and a subscription to use the programs you desire (Adobe/Microsoft).

Data these days can be backed up with external hard disks and flash drives. Copying files to and from there are much easier and quicker compared to DVDs.

Finally, movies don’t need to be played through DVDs. Video files are available as digital files that can directly be played through your computer hard disk, external USB hard disk, or USB flash drives.

Also, you don’t need a DVD player to play these files. You can play them via TV boxes and through HDTV with USB ports.

That said, if you’re saddled with a DVD and you’ve no other options as mentioned above, you would first need a DVD reader.

The best option is for you to get an external DVD drive. These drives can easily be plugged into any computer, desktop or laptop.

Whether you have a commercial DVD movie, or videon on a witeable disc, like DVD+R or DVD-R, external DVD drives can read anything from CD, VCD, SVCD and DVD.

Even if you’re using a desktop computer, you’re advised against installing an internal DVD drive.

Go for an external DVD drive, which will allow you the flexibility of using it over many devices. You can take it with you and watch movies on the go through your laptop computer.

With the DVD drive matter resolved, let’s look at the DVD Player Programs

DVD Player Programs

As mentioned above, DVD drives are gthe first step towards playing uour DVDs. You’ve taken care of the hardware. You can’t just pop oin a DVD into the drive and expect your movie to appear on the screen as you would with a dedicated DVD player. Now you’ll need a DVD player program installed in your computer.

Here are some of the DVD player programs you can install in your computer.

Windows DVD Player

Many mistakenly believe that Windows comees with a Default Dvd Player intsalled. While the older versions of Windows like Windows 7 and below came with a default DVD player in the form of Windows Medai Player, the same is not the case with Windows 10.

You can still use a Windows DVD player, but you would have to pay for it. You would have to purchase it through the Microsoft Store. That would set you back by $14.99 at the time of writing.

You don’t have to really go this route. It’s not a requirement that to play DVDs on a windows computer, you would beed to install the Windows DVD Player.

You can always opt for a free option that allows you to play a DVD on a Windows computer.

Free VLC Media Player

There are very few who have not heard of the VLC Media Player. The main reason for its popularity it is has been available for FREE right from the beginning and will remain so.

If you already have one in your computer, be reminded that VLC Media Player can play DVDs.

It can also play disc formats like CD, VCD. SVCD and even Blu-ray (if you’ve a Blu-ray Drive.

After inserting your disc in the DVD drive, launch VLC Media Player. Choose Media from the player interface menu and select Open Disc.

Once you’re in the Disc menu, choose DVD and hit the Play Button. It’s as simple as that.

This is how you get to play a DVD over Windows without having to pay for expensive DVD player software.

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