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How to Manually Open a DVD Player Tray Without Power Supply to Remove a Stuck Disc

Open a DVD Player Tray Without Power

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:30 am

You have finished watching a movie on your DVD player. Now you want to remove the disc and insert another one.

When you try to eject the DVD player tray or drawer, it doesn’t open. You keep pressing the Eject button with no luck.

Or it could be that your DVD player suddenly stops working. You can’t power it on and there’s a disc stuck in the tray.

So, how do you get your disc out of the DVD player? Do you need to send it to a service center? Or do you need to remove the DVD player casing to get the disc out?

You can remove a disc from a DVD player without powering it on. There’s also a simple fix if your DVD player or drive tray refuses to open or eject a disc.

Here are the steps on how to manually open your DVD player or computer DVD drive tray without power supply.

Causes of DVD Player Tray Refusing to Open

It could be due to the accumulation of dust in the inner section of the tray.

Also, you may have inserted a damaged, out-of-shape disc in the tray that prevents the tray from opening.

The tray mechanism may have become faulty through overuse.

Steps to Opening a Stuck CD or DVD Player/Drive Tray

Preliminary Checking Before Turning Off the Power

Power On – Off

Before checking out the steps below, power off the DVD player and then power it on again. Quickly press on the eject/close tray button, to see if the DVD player tray opens.

If you have a Sony DVD player, you want to try pressing the following buttons together:

  • Press PowerStop and Eject buttons together
  • Press Disc1Stop and Eject buttons together.

Disable Child Lock

On certain DVD players, child lock is enabled. This prevents the disc tray from opening. Check to see if this so and disable the child lock and try to eject the tray.

If it doesn’t work then follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Turn Off the Power Supply

Safety first. Turn off the power supply and remove the power plug from the wall socket. Do this even if your DVD player can’t be powered on.

Step 2 – Look for the Tiny Disc Eject Hole

For some DVD players and almost all DVD drives the hole will be located directly below the tray.

how do you eject cd using keyboard on dell inspiron 6000 - Super User

Or it could be on the face of the tray itself. While you may easily find the hole on a computer, DVD drive, but not always with a DVD player. If you can’t find the manual eject hole on your DVD player, then you would have to refer to your DVD player manual.

If you don’t have the manual you can do a search for a digital copy on the Internet. Type in your player brand and model number + pdf.

Panasonic DVD Player

Some Panasonic DVD players have the manual tray eject slot at the bottom of the player, Like this DVD player.

Only the player manual can tell you where it is located if you can’t find it at first glance.

Samsung DVD Player

If you have a Samsung DVD player, try looking for the manual eject hole at the bottom chassis. It’s a curving slot.

You would have to insert a screwdriver and move it in the direction shown below.

Step3 -Insert a Straightened Paper Clip into Hole

Once you have found the hole or slot use a straightened paper clip and push it in. This would apply to a DVD drive mostly. For DVD players follow the direction in the player manual, as explained above.

Step 4 Gently pull Drawer Out

Once you push the pin in, the DVD tray will come out a little. Pull it out gently.

Step 5 – Remove the Disc and Examine It

Check your disc to see if there’s a peeled label or if the disc is warped or anything irregular on the disc.

Step 6 – Try opening the Disc Tray with another Disc

Insert another good disc into the tray and close it. Then try ejecting the disc. If the disc doesn’t eject then there could be a problem with the disc tray mechanism.

You may want to send it to a service center for checking.

For detailed guidance on opening a DVD drive/player tray with a paper clip, watch the video below.

The video focuses on how to open a stuck DVD drive on a laptop computer.

If You Have a Disc Stuck in a Faulty DVD Player

If you have a disc stuck in a faulty DVD player you no longer want to use, you may want to open up the player casing to remove the disc. If you follow the directions in the video, then you’ll be able to safely remove the disc.

You may also go for this option if you’re used to opening up electronic products and putting them back together again.

Do this if you can’t use the pin-in-hole method open your DVD player tray without power supply.

Disc Stuck in Car or Laptop DVD Slot Player/Drive

If your DVD is stuck in a slot DVD player, especially a car DVD player, there’s no tray to eject. So, how do you remove the stuck disc?

This video shows you a simple way with a credit card and a tape.

You may also try this method if your DVD or CD is stuck in your laptop slot drive.

You have learned the steps on how to open a DVD  player without power. Now go ahead and fix a DVD or CD drive that won’t open.


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