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How to Find and Reuse Non-Copyrighted Videos on YouTube

Find and Reuse Non-Copyrighted Videos on YouTube

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:31 am

It’s essential that you upload to YouTube only videos that don’t infringe on anyone’s copyright. YouTube doesn’t tolerate the uploading of copyrighted videos.

YouTube can detect any copyrighted videos uploaded to its site. It alerts you through a Content ID claim or a copyright strike.

A Content ID claim would require you to remove the offending part of a video or share revenue for it with the copyright owner.

A copyright strike is more serious. It is a takedown request submitted by the copyright owner to YouTube.

Learn more about Copyright Strikes.

After a few copyright strikes against your channel, YouTube may suspend or terminate your channel.

If you’re in the YouTube Partner Program, you’ll lose income or Partner status which you have worked so hard to attain.

To avoid this, you would have to upload only non-copyrighted videos.

There are many sites out there that offer non-copyrighted videos that can be uploaded to youTube.

If you’ve visited these sites and not found what you were looking for, it’s time to turn your sights on YouTube itself.

But aren’t YouTube videos copyrighted? How can we find non-copyrighted videos on YouTube?

Yes, the majority of YouTube videos are copyrighted. These are videos uploaded under the Standard YouTube License. However, there are videos that are non-copyrighted as will be explained below. You can reuse them but must adhere to the conditions attached.

Of course, YouTube checks your video for copyright issues before you publish it. But then this isn’t a foolproof system. You can still be slapped with a copyright claim later, even if you’ve passed the copyright checks that YouTube has put in place.

To minimize these issues, you should only reuse non-copyrighted videos on YouTube.

You would have heard of the No-Copyright YouTube Audio Library. This is where you can use YouTube’s copyright-free audio for your video soundtrack. Using these audio clips will ensure that you’ll not run into any copyright issues later.

If you are served with a Content ID claim on any of your audio tracks on your video, you can easily replace the copyrighted audio clip with one from the free YouTube audio library.

So, is there a No-Copyright YouTube Video Library where you can get copyright-free stock videos for your projects?

Sadly, the answer is no. YouTube doesn’t provide such a service. But you can always find other types of non-copyrighted YouTube videos.

You can reuse these videos in your video projects without having to worry about copyright claims if you adhere to the conditions attached to them.

Types of non-Copyrighted YouTube Videos

Non-copyrighted videos on YouTube are categorized under Creative Commons videos.

There are two types of creative commons videos. The first type requires you to provide attribution (give credit to the copyright owner).

The second type of video is free to be used without giving credit to the copyright owner.

The first type which requires you to provide attribution for its use is the most common type of non-copyrighted video uploaded to YouTube.

Creative Commons BY license

These videos are licensed under the Creative Commons BY license. Under this license, the owner of the video retains the copyright of a video. However, the owner allows the reuse of it by others.

Creative Commons videos are those the owers have not placed Content IDs on them. This is a YouTube requirement.

So, rest assured that when you use a Creative Commons video, you’ll not get a Content ID claim.

Any video with Content ID doesn’t qualify as a Creative Commons video, according to YouTube.

YouTube says, “By marking your original video with a Creative Commons license, you’re granting the entire YouTube community the right to reuse and edit that video.”

How to Download Copyright-Free Creative Commons Video from YouTube

There isn’t a special section marked Creative Commons Videos on Non-Copyrighted Videos on any YouTube page.

You would have to find them through a YouTube search.

Go to the YouTube page and search for a keyword.

Non-Copyrighted Videos on YouTube - Creative Commons Video 1

When the search results appear click on Filters.

Non-Copyrighted Videos on YouTube - Creative Commons Video 2

From the Filters menu, choose Creative Commons. under the Features column.

Non-Copyrighted Videos on YouTube - Creative Commons Video 3

Clicking on it will list only Creative Commons videos. Let’s see two examples of videos under Creative Commons.

Non-Copyrighted Videos on YouTube - Creative Commons Video 4

In the description box, you’ll see that the video is allowed to be reused under the Creative Commons license.

Non-Copyrighted Videos on YouTube - Creative Commons Video 5

When you see this license, you can download the video and use parts of it for your main video project. All you have to do is give credit to the video owner and maybe provide a link to the video.

And also follow whatever additional requirement the video owner wants – may be the way the attribution should be provided and so on.

You may even want to license your whole video under Creative Commons license, too.

Creative Commons Video Caution

A word of advice – don’t just download creative commons videos and just upload them without any changes or adding new context to it, if you don’t want to face any issues.

If you’re going to monetize your YouTube videos, you’ll have to show YouTube that the Creative Commons videos you use are transformed into something unique when combined with other video content.

Also, you’ve to be careful because there are some irresponsible folks who upload copyrighted material under the Creative Commons license.

So, when you see a video under Creative Commons, go to the uploader’s YouTube channel to see if it’s the owner of the channel who really created the video. Usually, you can see the person appearing in other videos on his channel as well.

If someone uploads a well-made documentary and lists it as a Creative Commons video, then you should take it with a grain of salt.

Google the title of the video to check whether the copyright is held by someone else and whether it’s the copyright owner offering it as a Creative Commons video.

Here’s the thing. Youtube doesn’t certify a video as a Creative Commons video. It’s the uploader who lists it as a Creative Commons video. Most uploaders mistakenly assume since they are reusing a copyrighted video, others, too, have the right to do so.

Channels with Non-Copyrighted Videos on YouTube

If you don’t want to take the risk with Creative Commons videos, then you can take a look at these channels dedicated to uploading non-copyrighted videos on YouTube.

This is the second type of copyright-free video category on YouTube. With this type of non-copyright videos on YouTube, the owner doesn’t require you (although it’s encouraged) to provide attribution or give credit for using their videos.

Here are examples of channels that offer non-copyrighted videos without the need for attribution.

Free HD Videos – No Copyright Channel

Over at the Free HD Videos – No Copyright channel there are 182 no-copyright videos for you to download.

They are mostly scenery videos, but there are others that capture buildings and animals.

Videos are shot in captivating angles and there’s no shortage of drone footage.

There are even two Youtube intro/outro videos.

Video resolution is in Full HD 1080p.

But there are 4K videos offered as well, should you need a higher resolution.

Videos are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

Check out the Free HD Videos – No Copyright channel.

G Korb Copyright-Free Video Channel

G Korb offers a whopping 854 videos, all copyright-free. The owner allows you to use any of them freely without the need for attribution.

This channel’s emphasis is on Montreal videos. Even if your video project isn’t about Montreal, you can still use the clips. For example, you can use any of them to illustrate a city, snow, winter, and so on.

But then, there are videos of a generic nature as well. Like beaches, forests, and waterfalls.

Also included are plane spotting, vacation, and unique car videos.

The highest video resolution is 4K.

Check out the G Korb non-copyrighted videos on YouTube.

No Copyright Video Stock

This channel is not solely dedicated to non-copyrighted videos. But the ones that promise excellent quality.

The channel owner says, “Our videos can be used by any YouTube user in their monetized content which is safe from any copyrighted content.”

However, you’re required to provide the following attribution: No Copyright Video Stock.

There are videos of natural scenery, beautiful women, animals, and beach videos, among others.

Green screen videos are thrown in for good measure.

The highest resolution you get is Full HD 1080p. You have 400 plus non-copyrighted videos to choose from.

Check out the No Copyright Video Stock

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