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How to Make Money with a Video Website: Video Guides Included

Make Money with a Video Website

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:17 am

There are many ways to make money with a website.

One of the best ways is to make money with a video website.

What is a video website?

Essentially, it’s a website which has video as its focus. Studies have shown that the demand for video online is on the rise.

Anyone with minimum website-building experience can create a video website and make money from it.

That said, here are some examples of video websites that you can create.

Video Help Website

Do you have extensive knowledge of video technology? If so, you can create a video website that focuses on educating people about the nuts and bolts of video technology.

This would include tutorials on video software, digital video explainers, FAQs, video product reviews and so on.

You could aim the website at beginners if you wish. Your website will be the online version of a book like “Digital Video for Dummies.”

An example of a video help website is the website you’re on now –

Make money with a video website - video help site

You can see for yourself that this website covers as many aspects of analog and digital video as possible.

Make money with a video website - video help site 2

With a video help website, you have a limitless amount of topics to cover including camcorders, YouTube, social media video, smartphone video, surveillance video, video editing, and video players, among others.

With a video help website, you don’t necessarily have to create videos. You’ll be more into explaining and showing people how to solve video-related problems.

If videos are needed, you can always embed YouTube videos to get your point across.

YouTube Video Website

Do you have a thriving YouTube channel with hundreds of videos? If so, you can create a video website out of your channel’s content.

All you have to do is create similar topics on a website and embed your videos into it.

You’ll not do well if you just embed your video with the same YouTube title.

Instead, you should create unique titles for your posts and have a write-up which is longer than the description on your YouTube channel.

An advantage of such a video website is you can attract visitors to view your YouTube videos without visiting YouTube.

It’s like killing two birds with one stone. You get website visitors and you get video viewers as well.

Here’s an example of how this is done on this website.

You’ll see from the above example that the reader is first introduced to a MiniDV player. After that, he’s invited to learn more about the player visually through a YouTube video.

Another website that successfully does this is WP Beginner.

In most of their posts, they have written tutorials and video tutorials. Readers could take their time to digest the written version. When they have a basic understanding of the subject they can go ahead and watch the video tutorial.

Or it could be the other way around, as shown below. You can watch the video tutorial first before going to the written instructions.

Other People’s Videos

If you don’t have your own videos, you can create a website out of other people’s videos.

Choose a niche and select the best videos in the niche on YouTube and other video-sharing sites.

You can pick the best videos on the niche and publish them with commentary.

This kind of website is often called a video curation website.

It saves visitors the trouble of having to sift through videos on video-sharing and having to put up with random videos that they have no interest in.

Also, they can get the best out of a topic from videos from different platforms.

If you’re knowledgeable about a niche but don’t have exceptional writing skills, then you can create this kind of website.

This is not about just selecting any of the thousands of videos out there and publishing them on your website.

You must spend time watching these videos and select only the best on a topic or subject.

In your write-up, you ought to say why a video is worth watching and what viewers can take away from it.

Digg Video

An example of a video curation site is Digg Video.

Best of YouTube

Another example of a video curation website is Best of YouTube.

According to the site, it puts together the best videos out there on YouTube.

A drawback of the site is that it lists random videos. No categories are available.


Wimp collects viral videos from the Internet and lists them on its website. On their home page, only titles are listed.

When you click on a title, you’re brought to a page where a video is displayed with a one-line description.

Among the popular categories are animals, technology, and babies.

You can easily put together a site like Wimp if you often keep tabs on videos with incredible stories from YouTube and other platforms.

Steps to Creating a Video Website

Studying Models

Step 1: Choose the type of video website you want to create as mentioned above.

Step 2: Spend some time studying other websites and use ideas that impress you.

Step 3: Choose a domain name and sign up for web hosting. Watch the videos below for guidance.

You don’t even have to pay for a domain and web hosting, according to the videos below.

The first video shows you how to register a domain name and hosting for free from two different services.

The video below shows you how you can easily set up a WordPress site using a single free service.

You get a subdomain for free and hosting with the WordPress package enabled.

Step 4: Use WordPress to build your website. You can find many free video themes or templates that you can use. There are affordable premium ones, too.

You may download many free video themes from the WordPress official site.

A notable theme is EnjoyVideo. It has a simple, clean, and professional look.

When you click on a title, you’re brought to a page where the video is displayed above text commentary.

Making Money

Now that you’ve set up your website, we can look at how you can start making money.

There are two easy ways to make money with a video website for beginners.


Adsense is a contextual advertisement service by Google offered to publishers.

You sign up with Google for the service and you can start displaying ads on your website.

When someone clicks on an ad, you get a cut of the revenue Google earns from the ad,

If you’re new to Adsense, watch the video below to get an idea of how it works.

Getting an Adsense account isn’t going to be easy these days. Google is strict about approving accounts and you have to adhere to their requirements.

The video below explains what it takes to get approval for an Adsense account.

Earning with Google Adsense depends on the traffic volume on your website. That takes time. But if you keep working on your website, you have a good chance or earning long-term passive income.

Affiliate Marketing

Depending on your niche, you may use affiliate marketing to monetize your niche.

Affiliate marketing is basically a way through which you earn commissions for promoting the products of others.

When somebody clicks and buys a product through your website, you earn a commission.

You may promote physical or digital products.

Watch the video below to learn about some affiliate programs you can easily get started with as a beginner.

If your niche concerns physical products as solutions, then you may try the Amazon affiliate program. The Amazon marketplace is trusted the world over and you can generate recurring income as your website traffic grows.

The video below explains how you can get started with the Amazon Associate Program.

This is a guide on how to make money with a video website. It should serve as a springboard for further exploration of the topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to make money with a video website?

There’s so much competition out there on the web. It will take time for your website to gain visibility and attract visitors. Until then you have to continue creating content and promoting your website.

One way to speed up the money-making process is by entering a niche with very little competition. Such niches are hard to find. However, if you look hard enough, you may find one that overlaps with your interest.

Can I legally use other people’s videos on my video website?

Generally, you’re allowed to use videos from video-sharing sites. You’re encouraged to share these videos by embedding them.

Each video comes with an embed code which you can paste as an HTML code on your website.

Never download these videos and upload them to your website. This isn’t allowed.

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