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(Full Tutorial) Make a Facebook Cover Video For Free in Minutes Without Watermark

free facebook video cover maker

Can you put your video as your Facebook cover?

Yes, you can put your v. Usually, you’ll see photos as Facebook cover. You can make your Facebook page stand out with a Facebook cover video.

You may have seen a Fideo as your Facebook coveracebook cover video and wondered how you, too, could put one for your Facebook page.

It’s not rocket science. You need any expensive software to do it. You can get your Facebook cover for free without having to install any software.

All you have to dois use a free onlin service.

Facebook Cover Video Specs

Before we get started creating your Facebook cover video, let’s all all the special requirements you’ve to fullfill to get your video working on your Facebook cover.

You can’t make a Facebook video for your personal profile page.

At the moment Facebook cover video is only available for Pages, in other words, what’s popularly called fan pages.

So, if you’re desiring to have a Facebook cover for your profile page, you would have to wait for Facebook to roll out that feature.

Facebook Cover Video Size

The minimum size of your Facebook cover video size should be 820 x 312 pixels.

But then it’s recommended that your Facebook cover video specs be 820 x 462 pixels.

How to Create Free Facebook Cover Videos

You head to a service called FlexClip. And you use their free online video maker.

Over here you can make personal videos or business videos and there are free Facebook cover videos to download.

Free Facebook Cover Video Converter Online

To use the service, you’ve got to create an account first. You can either use your Facebook or Google ID to quickly create an account.

Under the free account you’re allowed to create videos of up to 480p and a maximum of 12 projects. You’re allowed to use one stock video per project.

And your video length shhould not exceed 1 minute.

Once signed in you’ll be brought to the online video maker page where you can choose to create by templates or start with a blank canvas.

create facebook cover video for free tutorial

We’ll start with a template. The next thing you want to do is choose the type of video you want to make from the menu panel.

We’ll choose social media.

Under social media you have Facebook, YouTube Instagram and Twitter. You can make a standard video or a video ad. We’ll choose a standard Facebook video.

I’ll be making a Facebook cover video for Free Video Workshop. So, I’ll choose the tech review template.

create facebook cover video for free tutorial

Then hoover your mouse over the template to customize it.

create facebook cover video for free tutorial

The first thing I want to do is change the video text.

There are text options towards the left where you can choose your style. Y ou can add an overlay, widget (like and Subscribe buttons) or even your logo.

We’ll stick with the default text style. Click on the text placeholder and change the text.

create facebook cover video for free tutorial

Edit the text and hit OK . You can then further customise your text. What we want to do here is change the stock video. We do this by hitting the globe icon at the bottom of the video player as shown below.

create facebook cover video for free

We’ll choose the technology niche

create facebook cover video for free

I’ll choose the digital technology template.

create facebook cover video for free

The video is 30 seconds long. I’ll trim it to 20 seconds by sliding the yellow bar below.

create facebook cover video for free

Next you can preview your video before exporting it.

create facebook cover video for free

Since you’re in the free account, you’re allowed to export video up to 480p only. Before you proceed to export, be sure to untick the include Flkexlip intro option.

You can then cutomize the slides below or remove them.

create facebook cover video for free

We’ll choose only the first and the last slide where you can input your website URL

create facebook cover video for free with FlexClip

Your video will be processed.

create facebook cover video for free

You have the stay on the page for the video to be processed faster. It takes about two minutes.

create facebook cover video for free

Changing Your Facebook Cover

After downloading the video you can head to your Facebook page.

create facebook cover video for free

Hover over you existing Facebook cover image and you’ll have see the Change cover option. Choose Upload Photo/Video.

make a facebook cover video for free

Once your Facebook video cover is uploaded, you can reposition it and choose the auto loop option and hit Publish.

make a facebook cover video for free

You can take a look at how the Facebook cover video looks like at Free Video Workshop’s Page.

You’ve seen how you can make a Facebook cover video for free from the above steps.

The good thing about using Flexiclip is you get a professional-looking free Facebook cover video without a watermark.ebook cover video format

Now go and give it a try to spice up your Facebook fan page.

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