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How to Learn Video Editing for YouTube Free

Learn Video Editing for YouTube Free

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:31 am

Has the idea of learning video editing halted your idea of making videos for YouTube?

Were you held back by the thought of paying for video editing software? Or the fees for a video course?

You Can Learn Video Editing for YouTube Free

If so, fret not. You can learn video editing for YouTube free. Yes, without spending a dime on video editing software or a course.

Are you serious about starting a YouTube channel and succeeding with it in the long term? Yes? Then the one skill you should have is video editing.

With video editing skills you’re in complete control of your channel. You can create your videos in any way that you like. Also, you save the cost of paying someone to edit your videos.

If you’ve not done any form of video editing before, don’t be terrified by the thought of it.

It is a skill that looks intimidating to master. But once you get started and stick to it, you’ll learn it faster than you thought you could. And also have fun in the process.

This post will help you make your learning video editing for YouTube much faster and easier.

Yes, you can learn video editing for YouTube free if you know which tool(s) to use and where to get the necessary training.

Technology Makes Video Editing Much Easier

Video editing is much easier these days. In the days of old, when you were shooting tape-based video, you had to spend time and effort connecting your camcorder to a video capture device to transfer video footage to your computer,

These days getting your footage into your computer is a breeze. If you’ve shot the video with a smartphone you can connect it to your computer with a USB cable and transfer footage from there. Or use a Bluetooth connection.

With a DSLR or camcorder, you can do it through your device’s memory card. Most laptops come with built-in memory card readers. Otherwise, you can just get one for cheap.

This advancement in technology should encourage you to learn video editing so that you can start shooting and creating videos for YouTube and even make money from your efforts.

That said, let’s find out how you can edit YouTube videos on your computer.

Choosing Video Editing Software

This is crucial. There is plenty of bad advice circulating around when it comes to choosing a video editing software. This advice is given without having the beginner’s needs in mind.

The advice usually is to choose the best software out there. This would mean starting with Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas,

Ignore such advice. You don’t need those video editing software programs. They’ll just intimidate you and even make you give up learning video editing.

You must learn how to drive a car first before learning how to drive a lorry.

Start with Basic Beginner Software

Always start with basic software, the one that is the easiest to learn. Believe me, you won’t miss out on anything important if you use basic software.

What are the video editing functions you should have in beginner video editing software?

Firstly you should be able to cut your clips, add titles, transitions, simple effects, and audio.

You may also want the feature of removing audio from the video to add your own music or your narration. This is optional. Should there be a need for it, you can always mute the audio.

There are many easy-to-learn video editing software programs that allow you to do all these functions.

Learn Through Instructional Videos

Also, there is no shortage of learning materials and training to master them. No longer do you have to wade through manuals to learn video editing. All you have to do is watch some YouTube instructional videos. Rest assured, you’ll pick up the necessary skills to edit videos.

But you don’t have to head to YouTube and be overwhelmed by the wide range of choices available there.

Just follow the recommendations here to kickstart your learning.

Free Video Editors

There are many free video editors out there. Instead of wasting your time and effort looking for them and wondering which to use, just get started with any of the three video editing programs for beginners recommended here.

Alternatively, if you don’t fancy installing software on your computer and want to edit video on the go, you may want to start with an easy-to-use free online video editor.

This will ensure you get up to speed with video editing.

Whichever option you choose, stick with it until you master it before moving on to another video editing program.

Just spend about a few hours during your off day or free time. Go through the instructional videos recommended here.

It’s guaranteed that you’ll quickly and easily get started with learning video editing for YouTube free and create your first video.

Windows Movie Maker

If you’re a complete beginner, the best video editing software to learn video editing for YouTube for free is Windows Movie Maker. This is a free video editing software provided by Microsoft Windows.

You’ll not find it on your Windows 10 computer though. Microsoft removed it in 2017 and replaced it with a video editor under Microsoft Photos.

Windows Movie Maker is well known as a beginner-friendly video editing software program that many had cut their teeth with. A good number of people were disappointed when it was removed from Windows 10.

As mentioned earlier, a hidden video editor is added in Windows 10, under Microsoft Photos.

However, the old Windows Movie Maker is still available for download. You can download it from the Simple Movie Making site. It’s virus-free software and you can use it safely as many others have.

Windows Movie Maker. with a download size of 130MB, works with Windows 7, Windows 8, and 10.

Beware, there are many video editing programs out there calling themselves Windows Movie Makers. They are actually Movie Makers for Windows and not Microsoft’s Windows Movie Maker. What you want is the Microsoft version of Movie Maker. In other words, the official Windows Movie Maker.

What Can Windows Movie Maker Do?

So, what can you do with Windows Movie Maker? You have all the basic video editing functions a beginner needs.

You can import video clips, photos, and cut clips. You can also edit your audio tracks, by reducing volume or muting it.

What’s more, you can export your video project in MP4, a format compatible with YouTube. Also, MP4 can easily be played back over your mobile devices and TV.

You can learn the Windows Movie Making Program within an hour. Watch the video below at least thrice, if you’re new to it.

Microsoft Photos Video Editor

If you don’t want to download and install Windows Movie Maker, then you can opt for the built-in video editor under Microsoft Photos in Windows 10 to edit YouTube videos on your computer.

In your Windows search bar, you’ll be able to find it by typing Video Editor.

Then you import your clips into the video editor and start working on your video.

Watch the video below for a quick tutorial and guidance. As usual, watch the video patiently, at least twice or thrice to understand how the Windows 10 Microsoft Photos Video Editor works.


If Microsoft’s video editors don’t suit your requirements and you need advanced features, you may opt for OpenShot.

OpenShot is a well-known free video editing program that is beginner-friendly. With it, you can do more than the Windows video editors.

This is one program that is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac. This video editor has been around for 13 years, since 2008, with a growing user base.

It’s the video editing program of choice for beginners with little or no video editing experience.

You get to use features like unlimited tracks, a versatile title editor, color correction, video effects, slow motion, and even 3D animations.

More than enough for you to get started with editing videos for YouTube.

Watch the 10-minute video below and download OpenShot to get started.

After installing OpenShot, immediately give it a try using this video as a guide.

Once you’ve learned all there’s to know from this basic video, you can then progress to the advanced features with the help of other tutorial videos from YouTube.

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