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How to Make Your Corporate Video More Engaging : Words of Advice from an Expert

According to Larry Kless, founder of, there are three ingredients of a successful corporate video

– What’s the message
– Who’s the audience
– How to present your message

Have these elements in mind when you’re setting out to shoot the next video meant to market your .

If you’re a small business  with a small budget you don’t have to wait for the bells and whistles of a big video set up to get your message across.

You can set the ball rolling with recording a short video on your telephone or tablet. You may want to produce a short video on how to use your product or highlight the features of a new product you’ve rolled out.

Larry Kless also discusses about how a big brand makes effective use of video production bloopers to engage with their target audience.

If you’re thinking of doing a business live video event, Larry has some tips for you as well.

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