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Joboshare DVD Copy Review: Easy DVD Movie Backup

Copy Review: Easy DVD Movie Backup
If you would like to back up your precious
collection of DVD movies to preserve and prevent damage to your original
discs, Joboshare DVD Copy is a program worth considering. It’s a 2.4MB
download available in English and Chinese. 
Joboshare DVD Copy works with 2000/XP/Vista
and Windows 7.  There’s also a

Mac version
available. The program even works on an old computer
with a processor speed of 1GHz and a monitor with a screen resolution of
800 x 600. 
You can download the Windows

trial version
or purchase the
full version  for $32.
Most DVD movies come in the form of dual layer
discs, but with Joboshare DVD Copy around, you’ll not need to have a
blank dual layer disc to back up your DVD movie. With a single layer DVD
disc (4.7GB) you can back up the full movie disc. Joboshare DVD copy
will compress your DVD movie into a 4.7GB disc without any noticeable
quality loss.


Joboshare DVD Copy comes with a simple
interface. If the colour is not to your liking, you can switch the skin
to gray by clicking on the view menu. Under the file menu, you have
simple functions like full disc copy, main movie copy, start copy and
eject DVD.
In most cases, you would not need the file menu
because important functions come in the form of icon buttons to the
lower right of the program interface.


Insert you movie disc and a blank DVD in their
respective drives and choose the source and destination folders
accordingly. You can also insert a DVD+/-RW disc and if the disc is not
empty, Joboshare can do a quick erase for you.
Source and destination disc information would be
displayed in the gray panel above the icon buttons.
Your source can be a DVD movie disc, DVD folder or
an DVD image file (.iso). The same applies to your output preference.
You can create a DVD movie disc, create a DVD folder or copy a whole
disc as an image file (.iso).


The default setting is Full Disc Mode. However, if
you’ only want to copy the main movie, without the other features in the
movie included, you could choose the Main Movie option. This will only
copy the main movie.
Under setting you have the option of whether to
include all the audio and subtitle tracks in your source disc or choose
the ones that you prefer.
You also have the option of whether to include
video menus in your backup copy or not.
You also get to set the location of the temporary
output folder where the compressed files are stored before they are
burned to DVD. 
You must ensure the drive the temporary folder is
in has a free disk space of more than 4.3 GB. Otherwise a warning window
pops up when you’re about to start copying. Make sure you have the
necessary space ready so that you would not delay your copying process.

Full Disc vs Main Movie

What’s the difference between copying in Full Disc
Mode and Main Movie Mode? If you copy only the Main Movie Mode, the
output quality will be higher compared to if you’re copying in Full Disc
mode. However, if you’re going to play back your backup copy in your PC,
you would notice very little difference in quality between the two
The other thing that is worthy of note is copying
in Main Disc Mode takes slightly longer than in Full Disc Mode.


Once you’re satisfied with your settings, you can
hit the start button (fire icon).
The gray panel which earlier displayed disc
information now displays a preview of the movie being copied and the
progress of the movie being copied. You can leave your computer for a
cup of coffee or for a short walk while waiting for the copying to be


I tested the
DVD with a capacity of 5.76GB on a Pentium 4 computer at
2.0GHZ (1 GB RAM) with a DVD-RW disc with a write speed of 2 x. I made a
copy of it in the Main Movie mode, selecting Japanese audio and English
To encode and copy this 5.3GB disc, took about 45
minutes, a reasonable amount of time, considering the fact that AVG
anti-virus program was scanning my computer in the background. I’m sure
the time would be significantly reduced if I was using a disc with a
higher write speed.
I then tried copying the Rashomon DVD in Full Disc
Mode and it took only 34 minutes.
The Full Disc Mode only produced 74 % of the
original quality of the original disc whereas the Main Movie mode
produced 81 % of the original quality.
Once copying is complete, you’re given the option
of whether to you would like to copy another disc. This feature is
especially useful if you need to burn more than one backup copy of your


I tried multi-tasking while disc copy is in
progress expecting Joboshare DVD Copy to crash. However, nothing of that
sort happened. I was able to type a document in Word, and surf the
Internet without a hitch. This is an indication that Joboshare DVD Copy
takes up only a little oi your system resources.

Performance of Copied Disc

The backup copy of
Rashomon played without a
snag with perfect sound and subtitles.


Joboshare DVD copy doesn’t allow you to set the
output quality of your back up copy. Lower quality settings could allow
for a shorter copying time. But if you want the maximum quality out of
of your DVD disc, you would not have any complaints on a slightly longer
copying time.
If you’re thinking of putting Joboshare to work for
you overnight and automatically shutting down your computer when copying
is done, you’ll be disappointed. Joboshare doesn’t come with a `shut
down computer when done’ feature. But since a DVD movie copy process
takes between only 30 to 45 minutes, the lack of this option is not
really a drawback.


If you’re looking forward to backing up your DVD
movies without much fuss, Joboshare DVD Copy is a program worth
You can download the

Windows trial version
of the program for free which allows you to
make up to 5 DVD copies. If you’re convinced that it’s the program that
could take care of your DVD copying needs, you can purchase the
Windows full version
for US$32 to make hundreds of backup copies of
your DVD movies.

Joboshare DVD Copy Mac version
is also available for US$32.
All downloads are certified to be virus and spyware

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