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How to Write a Good Script for a YouTube Video with this Simple Template

How to Write a Good Script for a YouTube Video

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:30 am

Have you tried creating a YouTube video without a script and ended up frustrated at not being able to do justice to the task?

Maybe you were inspired by those YouTubers who speak free flow and don’t seem backed by a script.

Well, the truth is most good YouTube videos have solid scripts behind them. Only that most viewers do not realize the fact.

It’s just like watching actors in a movie. They speak their dialogues effortlessly just as we do in our everyday lives. We all know that their dialogues are scripted and they’ve memorized their lines.

The Script Truth

Similarly, most YouTubers have a script. It could be in the form of an outline or a complete one that they read from with the aid of a teleprompter.

They simply know how to write a good script for a YouTube video.

If you’re starting out, creating a YouTube video, it’s essential that you write a script first.

Benefits of writing a YouTube script

Many balk at the idea of writing a script. Their excuse is they know the subject well and know what they should be talking about.

Most who do would soon realize that a script saves them much time and frustration. At least, they don’t have to shoulder the burden of wondering what to say next or going off on a tangent and bore the viewer.

Benefits of Writing a Script

A script is also useful if you’re going to have a voiceover artist speak it. Similarly, if you’re going to use text to speech for your videos, it’s essential that you have a solid script beforehand.

Yes, the script is to be written beforehand. It would not do to scribble out a loose script while making the video.

That said, let’s look at how you can write a good script for a YouTube video.

Writing a good YouTube script is not rocket science. It can be done by anyone by following a simple structure, outline, or template.

Learning to write a YouTube script to save money

Developing Your Scriptwriting Skill

If you’re a YouTube creator, scriptwriting is an essential skill to master. It doesn’t matter whether you’re producing educational videos, vlogs, or videos for entertainment.

Many are content outsourcing the scriptwriting. Not only do they have to pay a fortune but have to put up with scripts not up to their expectations.

So, learning to write a YouTube script not only saves you money but allows you to have more control over your script.

Before we look at the structure, let’s first be reminded that storytelling is always at the heart of every script.

Always aim to tell a story, even if your subject lacks ‘story potential’.

Let’s get started.

Why Will Viewers Be Watching Your Video

Folks head to YouTube to watch videos for various reasons. Among them are they want to be entertained or want to learn something, be inspired, and so on.

A bio group of them are looking to solve their problems.

So, be clear about the intention of your potential viewers.

Let’s say your video offers ideas for people to solve a particular problem, here’s a rough guide on how you would script your video.

State the Problem and Identify Who’s Facing It

Start the video being clear about who you’re talking to and what problem are they facing.

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Promise them a Workable Solution

If so, we have a quick workable solution for getting more video views without breaking a sweat.

Talk About the Problem a Little

Lend a sympathetic ear to their problem.

You’re not alone when it comes to insufficient YouTube views despite putting in their best efforts. The problem is not you, but it’s just that competition for views is getting stiffer and stiffer by the day.

Talk About Existing Ineffective Solutions

Point out the possible reasons for the problem. They would be interested to know why they’re failing.

You may be relying on organic YouTube traffic for the views. If you’re a newcomer this would be a tough proposition as the big boys with older established channels are controlling the ranking for every search term out there.

Or it could be that you’re relying on friends and family for views and they don’t seem interested in watching your videos after a while.

The above three sections are meant to capture the viewer’s attention and make them say, “Yes, this video is for me.”

Propose Your Unique Solution

Ideally, it must be a solution they may not have heard of or a solution they may not have given much thought to.

An easy way to solve the problem is getting views by sharing your YouTube videos on Quora, the well-known Q & A site.

By now they’ll be interested and would want to know how they can go about it. You can then list down the steps and provide the necessary explanation.

Call to Action

When you’ve presented your solution you want them to take some form of action. In other words, it’s asking for a ‘reward’ for sharing the information.

Here you can thank the viewer for watching your video and ask them to like and subscribe to your channel.

Tell them if they do, they’ll get notified when you publish more useful videos.

You may also invite them to ask questions related to the topic and leave a comment.

If you have a product, maybe an ebook or a training course related to the subject, tell them to check it out through the link in the description.

You may also ask them to watch other related videos to learn more about the subject.

Those are the steps on how to write a good script for a YouTube video that helps solve a problem.

Be sure to include them in your script in addition to your own thoughts and ideas.

Practice is the Secret Key

No matter what template, formula, or structure you employ for your YouTube script, you can’t dispense with practice.

Don’t stop after writing a script or two, especially when the going gets tough. The more scripts you write, the better you would be at the game. You know that.

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