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How to Fix Blu-ray Player Not Playing DVD

Fix Blu-ray player not playing DVD

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:30 am

Note: These fixes may be used with Blu-ray and CDs as well.

A Blu-ray player is a useful device when it comes to playing back your discs. One of its standout benefits is its backward compatibility with DVD.

But what if it doesn’t play back your DVD and shows a disc error message?

Here are ways to fix a Blu-ray player not playing DVD. Patiently try each of these fixes until the problem is resolved.

Reset Blu-ray Player Power

This is the first thing you should try to fix Blu-ray player not playing DVD.

  1. Eject the DVD and remove it.
  2. Switch off the Blu-ray player.
  3. Remove the power cord from the socket-outlet.
  4. Leave the player powered off for about five minutes.
  5. Plug the power cord back into the socket outlet.
  6. Switch on the Blu-ray player and insert the DVD to see if it plays.

Region Code Compatability

Check whether the DVD you’ve inserted is compatible with the Blu-ray player’s region code.

DVD Region Code | Logopedia | Fandom

If you’re in the USA, you shall use only Region 1 DVDs on your Blu-ray. Otherwise, your Blu-ray player will not play your DVDs.

Check Disc Physical Condition

Is the DVD in good shape? Is it bent, warped or are there scratches on the playing side? If you see any physical abnormalities, fix that first.

You may want to use a DVD repair system to fix a scratched disc.

Try Another DVD/Player

You want to determine whether the problem is with your DVD or your Blu-ray player.

Try playing another DVD on your Blu-ray player. If it plays, the problem is with the DVD.

If you do not have another DVD, try playing your existing one on another Blu-ray or DVD player, if available.

Disc Finalization

Did you burn the disc with a DVD recorder? Or a computer DVD writer? If so, did you finalize the disc? If you didn’t then the DVD will not work on another player.

So, make sure you finalize the disc before playing it on your Blu-ray player. Hopefully, it fixes your Blu-ray player not playing DVD.

Parental Control

Check to see if parental control is enabled on your Blu-ray player.

The player may prevent certain DVDs from playing if parental control is enabled.

Upgrade Your Blu-ray Player Firmware

Try to upgrade the firmware of the Blu-ray player to see if this can fix the Blu-ray player not playing your DVD.

You would have to download the upgrade patch from the manufacturer’s website and then update it through a pen drive via the player USB port.

If your player can be connected to the Internet, you can do it automatically through the player menu.

Check your Blu-ray player manual for detailed instructions.

The above are ways you can try to fix your Blu-ray player not playing DVD.

Give each a try. Hopefully, any of them may resolve your problem.

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