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How to Fix a Scratched DVD without Damaging the Disc

Fix a scratched DVD

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:31 am

DVD Advantage

DVDs were once thought of as the ideal replacement for VHS. Its convenient, manageable size makes shelving easier. Also, you didn’t have to deal with issues related to tapes – tape getting entangled in the player, tape wear and tear causing deterioration with constant use, and so on.

DVD Problems

DVD wasn’t without its drawback though. While VHS’ magnetic tape is protected in a casing, the surface of the DVD was exposed and unprotected.

A scratched DVD can lead to picture skipping or worse still, the disc being unreadable by your DVD player.

A scratched DVD can be a cause of frustration when you badly want to watch a movie.

Before we look at how we can fix a scratched DVD, let’s look at how DVDs usually get scratched. This will help prevent such occurrences in the future.

Causes of Scratched DVDs

Leaving the DVD lying around

Do you leave your DVDs lying around after ejecting them from your player? If you do, your DVDs may get scratched when you’re moving them around.

The next time you finish watching a DVD, place it in its case immediately.

Stacking DVDs

If you stack DVDs one on top of one another, there’s a likelihood of DVDs rubbing against each other and developing scratches.

Improper Placing and Removing from Case

The manner in which a DVD is inserted and removed from its casing may give rise to disc scratches. Gently remove a DVD from its casing without the disc rubbing against the surface of the DVD case.

Bad DVD Player

This is an uncommon occurrence. Generally, DVD players don’t cause damage to your discs. However, if you buy a cheap, unknown brand, the way the DVD player handles the disc may it with scratches.

So, always buy a DVD player from a recognized brand. Stay away from cheap DVD players from an unheard-of brand sold online.

Improper Storage and Handling

Keeping your VD in a cardboard case or sleeve may result in a DVD being scratched. Be careful not to drop your DVDs. Don’t also throw them around.

Wrong Cleaning Method

This is a case where you see stains or dirt on the DVD surface. You grab any cloth lying nearby and start rubbing the surface. Some cloth pieces may look and feel ‘soft’ they but they may leave scratches on a DVD surface.

Instead of using a rag or some rough cloth, use a microfiber cloth, like the ones used to clean spectacles.

Also, wipe the cloth gently on the DVD surface.

Now that you know how to prevent a DVD from being scratched, let’s look at how to fix a scratched DVD.

How to Fix a Scratched DVD

Let it be known that if a scratch is on the top surface of the DVD, you may not be able to repair it. If it’s on the bottom ‘shiny’ part, chances are good that you’ll be able to fix it.

Also, you need to see what type of scratch it is. Usually, light scratches can be fixed, But if your disc has deep scratches, you may not be available to fix it, even if you use the best disc scratch repair system.

You’ve to be careful with some of the methods recommended by folks including using toothpaste, vaseline, and even sandpaper. They may cause further irreversible damage to your DVD if you aren’t careful or you don’t know what you’re doing.’

If you’ve tried using these methods and have not met with success, then you’re advised to try the following safer and more effective options.

DVD Repair System

This is the best method we recommend. You don’t have to do the repair manually. A machine does it for you.

The DVD repair system comes with a Flexiwheel which allows you to fix a scratched DVD. It handles up to 25 discs. You can try fixing a scratched DVD more than once until you get the scratch(es) repaired and get your DVD playing well again like new.

The repair kit comes with a ‘rejuvenating’ fluid which is to be applied to the disc surface before it is inserted into the machine for repair. You simply have to insert the disc with the reflective side up and turn the hand crank to resurface the disc.

After removing the disc, you’ll have to buff the disc to remove residue left behind by the resurfacing process.

The video below shows how this disk repair system works.

The use of this disc repair system is highly recommended to prevent any disc damage while trying to fix a scratched DVD.

The system works on,y with CD and DVDs and not with Blu-ray discs. You’ll see resurfacing lines on the disc after it is repaired. Although they don’t look pleasant to the eyes, they do no harm to the disc.

Check out the SkipDr DVD Scratch Repair System.

Aleratec DVD Motorized Scratch Repair Kit

While the SkipDr DVD repair system, requires you to operate it manually, the Aleratec version is a motorized one.

You would want to try this solution if you don’t fancy operating a crank handle with your hand. All you have to do with this DVD scratch removal system is add three drops of the repair fluid on the repair wheel and press the repair button.

The manufacturer claims it can clean and repair up to 99% percent of scratched discs, This is a somewhat bold claim. Some deeply scratched discs can’t be easily repaired or are unrepairable, However, there’s no harm in try this DVD scratch repair kit.

View the video below to know the DVD scratch repair kit works.

Check out the Aleratec DVD Motorized Scratch Repair Kit.

Solution to Scratched DVDs

If you’re getting your DVDs scratched often, go through the section on how to prevent DVD scratches at the g beginning of the post. ‘.’

If you scratch a commercial DVD movie and it becomes unplayable, it’s okay. You can always get a replacement.

Always backup your DVD if it’s the only copy you have. More so if it’s a precious family video that you’ve converted from a tape to DVD.

Use a free DVD ripper and make a digital copy of it while the DVD is still in fine condition. This will come in handy when you can’t fix a scratched DVD.

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