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(TUTORIAL) How to Embed YouTube Video with Your Preferred Start and End Time without Tinkering with Code with this Free Tool

Embed YouTube Video with Start and End Time

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:33 am

So, you found a YouTube video which aptly expresses a point you wish to get across in a blog post or a presentation.

However, you find that there’s much irrelavant information attached to the video.

Say the video is 10 minutes long, and the information you’re interested in is just 3 minutes long.

You don’t want your viewers to sit through the whole ten minutes.

If you embed the youtube video in normal mode, they would have to do that.

You wonder if can only embed the YouTube video with start and end time to just play that 3-minute portion.

You find that you have to tweak the embed code to do it, but you don’t fancy that. Is there a simpler, probably automated way?

Online Solution to Embed YouTube Video with Start and End Time

Yes, there is, in the form of an online solution.

Here’s how it works.

The Steps

The first thing you would want to do is visit a site called YouTube Embed.

This is an online tool that provides up to 30 embed customizations for any YouTube video.

Enter YouTube Video URL

The first thing I want to do when I land on the site is to enter my YouTube video URL in the customization panel on the left.

You can then proceed to tick or untick the customization options below that.

Video Preview

The moment you do that, you’ll find your video previewed on the right panel.

Enter Video Start and End Time

The next thing you would want to do is go to the part where you set the start and end time. Make sure you have that ready and converted to seconds.

You would want to want to leave the rest of the settings at default if you don’t want further customization.

Copy the Modified Embed Code

Done with that, you can now grab the embed code.

You can use the Copy to Clipboard feature or just press CTRL+ C keys.

Video with New Start and End Time

This is the resultant embedded video that has my preferred start time and end time.

And this the original version of the video available on YouTube.

See, how easy it is to embed YouTube video with start and end time without having to tweak the embed code.

Reminder : Refresh Page

A reminder though after your video plays from your preferred start and end time, you can’t get it to play the same portion again by hitting the play button.

It will play from the start from time 0:00. In other words, it will go into the default play mode.

In order to play your chosen start and end time, you would have to refresh the page and you’ll get your preferred start and end time.

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