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How to Edit MP4 Video on Google Drive (Tutorial)

Edit MP4 video on Google Drive

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:30 am

Google Drive is an excellent cloud storage service where you can upload and back up your files.

Your files will be secure there and you can retrieve them any time you like, as long as you’re connected to the Internet.

You can even play your video files on Google drive with a cloud video player.

In other words, you don’t have to download your video files and then play them back on your computer.

That’s not all. You can even convert Google Drive video to MP4 online without downloading

Edit MP4 on Google Drive

Well, Google Drive doesn’t only provide you with the facility to play MP4 files and also convert video files to MP4 but also edit MP4 files directly from its service.

Google Drive itself doesn’t provide this service. However, it allows third-party cloud video editing services to integrate their tool into Google Drive.

If you’re planning to edit MP4 video on Google Drive, you can use a number of such services.

This will save you the trouble of having to download your video and import it into a desktop video editor.

You can do all your editing on the cloud and access your files and projects anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

This will be useful if you’re working with a team on a video project and you need to edit the video and share it with your team members.

For example, you may want to highlight a certain portion of the video you’re working with as a team.

You can extract that portion and share it with your members.

Or it could be that you want to break up the video into many different parts and share them separately.

Limited Functionality

Let it be known that you can’t expect the functionality of a dedicated desktop video editor with all the bells and whistles when you edit MP4 video on Google Drive.

Even top premium cloud video editing services have their limitations in terms of video length. So, if you working with short MP4 clips, you would find this service useful

Privacy Concerns

The video editing apps on Google Workspace Marketplace will request your permission to access your Google Drive and files there.

If you don’t feel good about this, make a copy of the video on another seldom-used Google Drive account or create a new account before proceeding.

Here are the steps on how to edit MP4 video on Google Drive on your Chrome browser.

Step 1 – Go to Google Workspace Marketplace

Here’s how to edit MP4 video on Google Drive.

Let’s assume that you already have an MP4 file uploaded to Google Drive.

After logging into Googe Drive, click on the Google Apps icon on the top right-hand corner.

That would be the nine dots next to your profile icon.

Scroll down and click on More from Google Workspace Marketplace.

How to Edit MP4 Video on Google Drive 1

On the Google Workspace Marketplace search for ‘video editor’.

How to Edit MP4 Video on Google Drive 2

You’ll see a list of video editors that can work with Google Drive.

In our case, we shall select Flixier. It has a 5-star rating.

How to Edit MP4 Video on Google Drive 3

Click on Install and follow the instructions.

How to Edit MP4 Video on Google Drive 4
How to Edit MP4 Video on Google Drive 5

Finding Your App

So, where do you find the Flixier app after installing it? Again go back to the 9-dot App icon and scroll down.

If you don’t find it, refresh the page.

How to Edit MP4 Video on Google Drive 6

When you click on it the video editor opens. If it doesn’t, you can create a project and the video editor will open.

Length of Video Clip

Before you start editing, bear the following in mind.

With a free account, you’re allowed to export a video clip of a duration of 10 minutes per month.

And the total file size you can edit is 2GB with no time limit.

Start Editing

After naming your project, you can click on Library and then click Import.

How to Edit MP4 Video on Google Drive 7

This is where the magic happens.

You’ll be given the option to import from various apps and services.

How to Edit MP4 Video on Google Drive 8

Select Google Drive.

In the next step, you can do a search for a video file or simply type .mp4 if you want browse all your MP4 files on Google Drive.

How to Edit MP4 Video on Google Drive 9

Click on the file you want and it will be imported into the video editior.

How to Edit MP4 Video on Google Drive 10

In the video editor, in the Library panel, you’ll see your video.

Just drag it down to the timeline. If you’ve used a video editor before, you’ll not find any problem proceeding with editing the video clip.

How to Edit MP4 Video on Google Drive 11

Cutting Your Clip

If you want to cut your clip , just position the yellow marker where you want the cut to take place.

Then hit the scissors button. If you want a portion of your video deleted select the two points and hit the cut button, Then select the cut portion and hit the delete key.

How to Edit MP4 Video on Google Drive 12

Adding Audio

The good thing about the app is it provides royalty-free music tracks. Click on Audio make your selection and then drag the audio clip to the timeline.

Adding Text

The text feature will be helpful if you’re doing a slideshow or explainer video.

Clicking on Text gives you the option to choose a text template, add subtitles or add simple text.

How to Edit MP4 Video on Google Drive 13

A text box will be dropped to the timeline and you can type in your text.

Go on and add transitions, shapes, and overlays if you wish.

Exporting Your Video

Once you’re done with your editing click the Export button on the top right-hand corner.

How to Edit MP4 Video on Google Drive 14

You’ll be brought to the following page. You’ll be given the option to export to the following platforms. There’s no download to computer option.

To enable export to any of these platforms, you would have to link your account to Flixier.

How to Edit MP4 Video on Google Drive 15

On hitting Export Video, you’ll get a notification saying that your video will be ready in a few minutes.

With the edited video sent to Google Drive, you can easily share it with others or download it.

How to Edit MP4 Video on Google Drive 16

Your video will be exported with a watermark. It shouldn’t be a problem if you’re sharing your video with a small number of people for a demo or educational purposes.

How to Edit MP4 Video on Google Drive 17

If you’re satisfied with Flixier’s performance you may want to upgrade your account to remove the watermark. Especially if you plan to upload your video to YouTube and such.


Flixier gives you the feeling of editing on a desktop video editing program. While we’re were editing, there was no lag when we load a video or when dragging the marker through the timeline.

Royalty-free stock footage and audio are also a plus especially if you’re making marketing, explainer, or educational videos.

Above all, the integration with Google Drive is excellent.

If you plan to edit MP4 video on Google Drive, Flixier will suit your needs fine.

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